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Embracing diversity to innovate solutions towards #EngineeringABetterWorld | Tata Technologies

Building a Culture of Inclusion

Manufacturing companies rely on Tata Technologies to enable them to conceptualize, develop and realize better products that are safer, cleaner and improve the quality of life for all the stakeholders. Better Products need better innovation and diverse ideas. Hence, we believe in creating an inclusive culture that promotes diversity and provides equal opportunities to all individuals irrespective of colour, race, gender, religion, disability, age, sexual orientation, or national or ethnic origin. We offer our innovators an opportunity to work on global projects, upskill & learn through classroom and global eLearning platforms and collaborate with an 12500+ global talent pool. We believe that a diverse workforce will lead to innovation, productivity, & creativity and will also create a more positive and welcoming work environment.


Celebrating Diversity with Rainbow

Through the RAINBOW program, we have renewed our focus on enhancing gender diversity, initiated several programs to onboard women, and parallelly created a support framework for them to succeed. The program focuses on four areas; from a hiring perspective, we have identified specific roles suited for women and are running hiring programs to onboard women, including those who have taken a career break. We have strengthened our communication on empowering women by creating platforms that encourage employee participation and dialogues with an aim to ‘Break the Bias’ and build a culture of inclusivity ground up. The company also recognizes and celebrates women innovators within the organization through the ‘SHEnnovator Campaign’. We have implemented the LeaderBridge WINGS program to empower women leaders through a six-month developmental intervention to develop their leadership potential. We have also created policies and processes that enable a conducive ecosystem and infrastructure that nurtures a diverse workforce.


Reigniting Careers of Women on a break

Women engineers may need to take a career break due to various other priorities in life. With Reignite, we wish to provide them with a platform specifically designed to facilitate their smooth re-entry into the workforce. Considering that technology and skills keep evolving rapidly, Reignite offers a blend of specialized training, hands-on experiences, premier learning resources, targeted upskilling, and curated mentorship programs, all crafted to help these women restart their career with confidence and support. At each stage of the Reignite journey, we are committed to providing all participating women with the certifications necessary to become an industry-ready professional, well-equipped to engineer a better, sustainable future. Are you a woman engineer on a break? Restart your career now!

Our Inclusivity

With a global mindset, our diverse, worldwide workforce is committed to working together towards our vision of engineering a better world

Global Mindset

We are a diverse group of innovators representing multiple nationalities and ethnic groups across 27 countries and we work with a global, collaborative mindset. We foster a work environment that encourages open communication and values diverse perspectives.

Gender Diversity

Gender equality is a fundamental pillar of our workplace culture. We are committed to creating an environment where all genders are treated equitably, have equal opportunities for growth and advancement, and where gender diversity is celebrated and valued.

Persons with Disabilities

We promote inclusion and empowerment of persons with disabilities. Through accessible policies, accommodations, and a supportive environment, we ensure that everyone can fully participate, contribute, and thrive in our workplace.


We embrace and champion LGBTQI+ inclusion, fostering an environment where all individuals, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, are respected, valued, and celebrated. We actively promote equality, understanding, and support for the LGBTQI+ community within our workplace.

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Tata Technologies’ Executive Leadership team are women
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