Our employees our brand

Our employees our brand


Tata Technologies helps global manufacturers design, validate and manufacture the products of the future. Our people are engaged in world-class product development programs for leading automotive, aerospace and industrial machinery brands, helping design products which improve the lives of millions of people around the world. From improved safety features to better fuel economy and enhanced aesthetics, Tata Technologies helps drive innovation and shape the future.

A career at Tata Technologies opens up a world of opportunities where you can make your ideas count and push your potential to the limit.

Global Experience and Mobility
Working for Tata Technologies means working for a truly global organisation on world-leading projects with major international clients. Wherever possible, we actively encourage our employees to take secondments and assignments in other regions, providing the company with exceptional talent where it’s needed and our employees with an exceptional opportunity for personal and professional development.

Cultural Diversity
With over 8,600 employees and an on-the-ground presence in 17 countries, daily life at Tata Technologies will enable you to work with, learn from and appreciate people from many different cultures and backgrounds in a vibrant and collaborative working environment.

An Exciting, International Client-Base
Our clients are some of the most instantly-recognised brands in the automotive, aerospace and industrial machinery sectors. This means our employees work on live projects, improving and enhancing products and vehicles that we see and use in our everyday lives.

Leaders in Innovation and Technology
Tata Technologies is a strategic innovation partner to our clients, helping them solve problems and improve products through our collective experience, expertise and the application and integration of technology. Our employees make products safer, cleaner, more cost-effective and more affordable. They save space, reduce weight, increase comfort and reduce emissions. They help to reinforce our reputation for innovation and technological leadership.

A Commercial Success Story
We are a rapidly expanding company with the ambition to match. Since day 1, Tata Technologies has been on an upward trajectory, experiencing continual year-on-year growth. Our business is at an exciting stage – our aspirations are to continue this upward journey and we need the best global talent to help us on our way.

Ethics and Integrity
Ethical behaviour is the bedrock on which the Tata Group has been built and has been the essence of our way of life. Tata has been values-driven from it’s beginnings almost 150 years ago. Integrity and Leadership with Trust are 2 core pillars of the Tata way of life, reinforced by our Code of Conduct. These values drive the growth and business of all group companies. When you work for Tata Technologies, you know that it’s a company whose pedigree and performance you can be proud of.

Community Matters
Tata Technologies is driven by the mission to positively impact the communities in which it operates. In all regions, Tata Technologies is wholly committed to this ethos and all our employees are encouraged to get involved in local CSR initiatives.

Labor Condition Applications



It has been brought to our notice that certain individuals are misleading job applicants by claiming themselves to be employees of Tata Technologies or as authorized job agency of Tata Technologies Limited. They have been misguiding the candidates to deposit certain amount of money in lieu of providing employment or as deposit towards travel for final interview round etc.


Tata Technologies does not take any such fees/facilitation charges in lieu of employment.


Anyone dealing with such an agency/employment portal/individual will be doing so at his/her risk and the company will not be held responsible for such loss or damage suffered directly or indirectly.