Better Solutions

Bringing Better Products to Market for the World's Leading Manufacturers

To meet the relentless demand for new, innovative and more personalized products, manufacturers are faced with the challenge of bringing more products to market, faster than ever, whilst constantly pushing for better quality, cost and performance.

Tata Technologies empowers clients to make their product development dreams a reality. Our position is to complement the client with services differentiated by our ability to deliver uniquely well.

Why Tata Technologies

We provide the ‘CAPACITY TO CREATE’ and innovate through our globally distributed, industry focused Engineering, Research & Development services. As practitioners or advisors we complement this with a best-in-class understanding of digital engineering and Product Lifecycle Management, the ‘PROCESS TO CREATE’, providing the basis for effective program and product development execution. Throughout the extended lifecycle, we understand how ‘CONNECTED ENTERPRISE IT’ solutions must consume digital assets seamlessly in manufacturing execution systems, enterprise resource planning, customer experience management, and business wide analytics.

Better Solutions for the Manufacturing Sector
Our combination of deep industry knowledge, breadth of value proposition and a proven global delivery model positions Tata Technologies as the premier product development and manufacturing execution partner for the industries we serve.

The Tata Technologies value proposition is presented as a portfolio of Better Solutions, consisting of the 16 major contributors to MORE, FASTER and BETTER. Each can deliver benefit independently, however when an organisation pursues optimization across the complete product realization lifecycle, then people, processes and technology can combined to achieve the seamless execution of product and manufacturing goals.

Engineering, Research and Development (ER&D)

With access to a global talent pool of engineers, technicians, project managers and domain specialists, Tata Technologies’ Better Solutions provide the most efficient and cost effective engagement model based on the unique requirements of each client.
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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Leveraging our core product development experience, we help our clients manage change, drive efficiencies, reduce cost and save time, driving standardization, streamlining, and automation of processes through the product realization lifecycle.
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Connected Enterprise IT (CEIT)

Our experience of product development and manufacturing enables organizations to most effectively align enterprise-wide Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 solutions and enabling a platform for the complete digitalization of modern manufacturing.

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