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Engineering a Better World with our Neighbors

Engineering a Better World with our Neighbors

Almost 70% of employers are hiring recent college graduates, with 25% of enterprise companies attending an average of 25 campus-recruitment events each season.  This has created a totally different and very competitive landscape when it comes to College Recruitment.  Employers can no longer expect to attract young talent by merely showing up at a career fair with some flyers, expecting students to flock to them.  Generation Z job applicants know their worth, and they expect to be courted before they commit to working for your company.

In Engineering a better world, a company cannot approach College Recruitment like they used to.  That’s why Tata Technologies is setting itself apart from the rest in our approach to partnering with the right universities, putting together a strong plan with the right team.  More importantly, we are looking ahead to see how we can scale this approach and improve the process and add value to all students we meet and speak with, while on campus.

With our recent move to Mid-Town Detroit, Tata Technologies has partnered with one of our neighbors, Wayne State University.  Wayne State University (WSU) has been a top university for research and a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship in the city since its inception in 1868.  This natural partnership has given Tata Technologies the privilege to participate in the most recent Engineering and IT Career Fair on the WSU Campus last month. This was the first opportunity for Tata Technologies to introduce us to the students, alumni, and faculty in a face-to-face environment and a chance to set the tone for the partnership to come.

Going into this career fair, it was critical for the team to go in with a strong plan. It was imperative that the Talent Acquisition Team collaborate hand-in-hand with our Delivery, Marketing and Sales function to ensure that we were putting out our best efforts.  It was crucial that when we arrived, Tata Technologies set ourselves apart from all the other recruiters and demonstrate to students that they should meet with us.   Our plan was rather simple, we planned a large display that was matched by the energy of our presenters, so we could speak with as many students and alumni as possible.  The buzz our booth generated through-out the campus attracted over one-hundred and fifty students and alumni to visit with us.  Our team, consisting of four recruiters and three Delivery Team members, met the challenge by speaking with everyone that waited in line, standing all day.  The team was on a mission to not only collect resumes, but more importantly, add value to each person they met with.  They reviewed their career aspirations, guided them through their courses, and recommended an outlook for the students that painted a larger picture of opportunities that many where not aware of.

Looking ahead we are more determined than ever to reach out to more Universities and attend more events like this one at Wayne State.  It became obvious that our growing relationship with Wayne State has no bounds and both sides are excited to see what can be developed.  In a competitive environment like college and university recruitment, Tata Technologies believes that in engineering a better world its only natural that will continue to innovate and set the bar for how to be successful at these events.

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