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Turnkey Product Development

Plug-in safety, efficiency, and experience. That’s better.

Over the years, the customer has earned its reputation as America’s leading manufacturer of lowest-cost buses that are easy to maintain and operate. The manufacturer wanted to add electric buses to its portfolio to stay ahead in the competition while keeping design and development low.


From adhering to strict safety norms to keeping the gross vehicle weight (GVW) low and decreasing the energy requirements to propel the bus, especially during acceleration – all in a stipulated development timeline, adding e-buses to the manufacturer’s portfolio came with its own set of challenges. Tata Technologies’ proprietary 5R process helped the manufacturer meet vehicle weight, efficiency, and performance goals.


Since redesigning and modification of parts like chassis and suspension demand more design and development time, our team of engineers leveraged the 5R process to achieve the vehicle weight, efficiency, and performance requirements. The 5R Rightweighting methodology is a tried and tested formula that delivers the right performance at the right price, by applying the right amount of the right material in the right place.

To make the e-buses lighter, we used aluminum 7000/6000 series alloy and CFRP instead of the conventional material. We developed the lightest battery-holding structure of 45Kg with innovative design and production technology.

Innovative vehicle packaging methodology optimized available space to accommodate the systems required for e-buses without impacting other aggregates while further reducing the impact of weight and development time.

While the manufacturer realized reduced design, development, and testing time and faster launch readiness by 6%, they saved approximately 12 million USD on initial tooling and material cost. The cost-effective design solution met all government regulatory requirements, preparing the customer for the global launch of its e-buses.


120 Miles / Charge
best in class mileage
reduction in launch time of e-buses

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