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The winners of the Tata Technologies InnoVent hackathon on their experience



Car design is a complex process. Creating innovative and aesthetically pleasing designs while ensuring safety and regulatory compliance brings with it multifaceted challenges. In addition, it often demands substantial investments in design teams, tools and physical prototypes.

Our journey to the Tata Technologies InnoVent hackathon was a collaborative effort filled with research and brainstorming sessions. Named Team Rolex, we explored the transformative potential of Gen AI in automotive design, with the idea of enhancing engineering productivity and setting a new standard in automotive styling. This involved using Generative AI for design iterations, allowing users to provide design text prompts, optimising efficiency through automation, and providing a user-friendly interface. Among the 800 projects in the contest, ours stood our for automating car design using deep tech (Stable Diffusion Model).

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