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About the brand

The Tata Technologies brand is HUMAN at the core and focused on delivering a positive impact. The HUMAN brand philosophy embodies a focus on Humanizing the stakeholders – customers, employees, investors & communities, Understanding stakeholder needs, Marketing solutions that address their needs, Achieving the desired impact, and Nurturing relationships for mutual success. The brand guidelines describe the building blocks for a distinctive, modern brand that puts HUMAN impact front and centre.

The Tata Technologies brand aims to:

  • Humanize Engineering a better world

    As an optimistic celebration of engineering, this brand promise remains strong. We are bringing it to life with context and humanity.

  • Lead with confidence

    A bold, exciting look and feel distinguishes the brand and proactively celebrates the expertise and experience.

  • Focus on outcomes, not processes

    The underlying narrative amplifies the positive impact the work that we do has, not just the detail of the capabilities – less “engineering”, more “better world”.

Tata Group mark

The Tata Group mark must be always used correctly in conjunction with the Tata Technologies logo in a logo lockup. The lockup should not be misinterpreted, added to, redrawn, adjusted or modified in any way and should only be reproduced from the artwork provided.


The lockup should be positioned at the top of any collateral unless the format dictates otherwise. The stacked lockup is only permissible when space constraints are a concern. The Tata Group mark must never be used alone, and Tata Technologies logo should never be used without the Tata Group mark.


There will be occasions when our logo will be used alongside another organization’s in co-branded projects. Special care must be taken in these circumstances to position both logos correctly.
Follow this format when designing collateral for co-branded projects.


– Don’t embed the logo in a body of text
– Don’t use the logo as a watermark
– Don’t place the logo over a texture, image, pattern or color that makes it illegible
– Don’t outline the logo
– Don’t use an incomplete logo in any application, e.g., only half the logo
– Don’t overlap, skew or distort the logo in any way
– Do not use the Tata Technologies logo or Tata Group mark in isolation

Engineering a better world logo

Engineering a better world is at the heart of everything we do. One of the ways we represent this in our communications is through the Engineering a better world logo. It consists of three colored progress lines that represent the three industries at the heart of Tata Technologies: Aerospace, Automotive and Industrial Heavy Machinery. It must appear at least once on every piece of collateral, in one of the specified formats.

Logo versions

The full-color versions shown above are the primary versions and should be used as much as possible across all our collateral. They are available for use on both light and dark backgrounds.

All-white and all-black versions of the logo, shown right, can be used on backgrounds with bright colors that clash with the colors in the logo.

Logo positioning

The logo should be placed either bottom-left or bottom-right within communications. In special instances, it may be placed bottom-center, e.g., on website pages. Once a position for the logo has been chosen it should be consistent across the asset, i.e., it should be in the same position across all pages or slides of a document and not keep switching positions.


Our color palette is bright, optimistic, human and uniquely Tata Technologies. It reflects our purpose, Engineering a better world, and takes inspiration from the core Tata brand. It consists of a rich and vibrant primary palette, plus bold and bright industry and lines of business palettes.

Primary palette

The primary palette is inspired by the original Tata Blue. It consists of three colors in both bright and dark tones: Electric Blue, bright Turquoise and bold Neon Purple, complemented by Steel Grey, white and Tata Blue.

The primary palette is the go-to set of colors for most general Tata Technologies communications. Electric Blue is our corporate blue and what we should lead with. This is complemented by the other primary colors and supported by Tata Blue for corporate logo applications.

Please note that the Tata Technologies corporate logo and the Tata Group logo should only ever be used in Tata Blue, black or white, as instructed by the Tata corporate brand guidelines, and never any of the other colors in the Tata Technologies brand color palette.

  • Electric Blue

    HEX: #0000B3
    RGB: 0, 0, 179
    CMYK: 100, 75, 0, 0
    PMS: 286

  • Turquoise

    HEX: #12C6B3
    RGB: 18, 198, 179
    CMYK: 69, 0, 40, 0
    PMS: 3265

  • Neon Purple

    HEX: #8468F6
    RGB: 132, 104, 246
    CMYK: 68, 64, 0, 0
    PMS: 2101

  • Deep Blue

    HEX: #001B5B
    RGB: 0, 27, 91
    CMYK: 100, 80, 6, 32
    PMS: 288

  • Teal

    HEX: #005560
    RGB: 0, 85, 96
    CMYK: 96, 20, 25, 53
    PMS: 7470

  • Indigo

    HEX: #350FA2
    RGB: 53, 15, 162
    CMYK: 97, 100, 0, 30
    PMS: 2745

  • Steel Grey

    HEX: #272727
    RGB: 39, 39, 39
    CMYK: 90, 68, 41, 90
    PMS: 433

  • White

    RGB: 255, 255, 255
    CMYK: 0, 0, 0, 0
    PMS: 433

  • Tata Blue

    HEX: #1268B3
    RGB: 18, 104, 179
    CMYK: 90, 60, 0, 0
    PMS: 7684

Industry palette

Six colors make up the industry palette, with contrasting pairs of bright and dark for each industry.
Only these approved colors should be used for industry-specific content. Colors from the primary and lines of business palettes may be used sparingly as accents, if appropriate.

  • Automotive Neon Green

    HEX: #5FEC70
    RGB: 95, 236, 112
    CMYK: 61, 0, 73, 0
    PMS: 7479C

  • Aerospace Blue

    HEX: #42E3E6
    RGB: 66, 227, 230
    CMYK: 68, 0, 13, 0
    PMS: 311C

  • IHM Orange

    HEX: #FF9C00
    RGB: 255, 156, 0
    CMYK: 0, 48, 99, 0
    PMS: 2010C

  • Automotive Dark Green

    HEX: #002B37
    RGB: 0, 43, 55
    CMYK: 88, 0, 28, 88
    PMS: 2217C

  • Aerospace Purple

    HEX: #340635
    RGB: 52, 6, 53
    CMYK: 32, 75, 0, 64
    PMS: 7659C

  • IHM Blue

    HEX: #0F1F72
    RGB: 15, 31, 114
    CMYK: 100, 95, 2, 10
    PMS: 2748C

Lines of business palette

A bright palette of colors was selected to stand out and differentiate each line of business (LOB), while remaining part of the overall Tata Technologies brand color palette.

For example, Education is a bright and optimistic yellow, symbolizing the future, while Careers is a bold and energizing coral red, designed to catch the eye and stand out on social media.

When pairing these bright lines of business colors with darker colors we suggest using the following combinations:

– ER&D Burnt Orange, DES Sky Blue, Education Yellow, Software Purple + Deep Blue

– Careers Coral Red + Indigo

  • ER&D Burnt Orange

    HEX: #E75400
    RGB: 231, 84, 0
    CMYK: 0, 76, 100, 0
    PMS: 166C

  • DES Sky Blue

    HEX: #628BFF
    RGB: 98, 139, 255
    CMYK: 69, 35, 0, 0
    PMS: 2129C

  • Education Yellow

    HEX: #FFEC00
    RGB: 255, 236, 0
    CMYK: 0, 1, 100, 0
    PMS: 102C

  • Careers Coral Red

    HEX: #FF1F36
    RGB: 255, 31, 54
    CMYK: 0, 100, 72, 0
    PMS: 1788C

  • Software Purple

    HEX: #C74EFF
    RGB: 199, 78, 255
    CMYK: 58, 90, 0, 0
    PMS: 2592C


Typography plays an important role in our brand identity, communicating our personality, our values and how we are Engineering a better world.
Our corporate typography consists of two fonts: NewPanam Skyline – a display font used for headlines, quotes or callouts and large copy – and DM Sans – a body copy font.

Display font

NewPanam Skyline is full of personality and has letterforms with sharp, angular features that complement the angles of the Tata logo and add a warm, human aspect.

NewPanam Skyline looks great when used large and expressively, especially in headlines and callouts.

NewPanam Skyline is to be used on all marketing collateral and is available only for the Marketing and Internal Communications teams.

External suppliers can purchase a copy of NewPanam Skyline from Swiss Typefaces here.

Body font

DM Sans is a Google font with visual similarities to NewPanam Skyline. It works excellently in smaller sizes, making it a natural choice for use in body copy throughout our communications.

DM Sans is available to all employees/collaborators and must be used for all official communication. If it is not installed on your computer, you may reach out to the Tata Technologies IT team or download and install it yourself from the link below.

General typography guidance

NewPanam Skyline Regular is used in a large size for all headings, callouts and quotes. Copy lines should be adequately spaced but, as a general rule, leading is dictated by type point size multiplied by 0.93, with tracking set at 10.

Alternate subheadings are set in DM Sans Bold. The formula for leading is type point size multiplied by 1.35, with tracking set at 80. The DM Sans font is a Google font and can be downloaded and used as per Google licensing terms.

Body copy is set in DM Sans Regular, with leading set at type point size multiplied by 1.30. Tracking is set at 0. As a guide, body copy is around 10pt, however, this will vary depending on the size and format of the collateral.

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