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Digital Analytics

Proactive customer service based on data insights. That’s better.

Delivering great customer experience requires in-depth customer insights. Committed to delivering new mobility solutions through new technologies, business models, and partnerships, this customer wanted to leverage the superpower of data and collaborated with Tata Technologies to develop a powerful data lake and predictive analytics model.


The Indian automaker was seeking a data-driven business model. They had decentralized master data, localized KPIs, and varied logic of operations metrics. While non-integrated data in diverse systems not only led to unfavorable customer experience, it also delayed decision-making due to a lack of centralized visibility. As part of their digital strategy, the customer wanted to improve sales and user experience across platforms. This required a deeper understanding of the sales and customer data. So, the customer opted for Tata Technologies, one of the global leaders in data management solutions for the automotive industry, to build a suitable digital platform for data governance.


For the customer, data was a complex asset. They were looking for a trusted partner to build successful data-driven strategies – starting with the enablement of quality data in their organization. As a preferred partner, we laid a strong foundation for data management and data governance, helping the customer achieve reliable customer insights.

We created a centralized repository to store all structured and unstructured data at any scale — preserving the accuracy and timeliness of the data. Using the datasets available, our team of data scientists built various machine-learning models for advanced insights that could be leveraged by all stakeholders across the organization. Making business data available across the organization encouraged the use of data-driven actions to measure key business success parameters.

The enterprise data platform helped the OEM increase spare parts fill rate by 4%, which resulted in a reduction in vehicle off-road time by 76%. Advanced insights helped the OEM make better decisions on existing product improvements and new product development while keeping up with intensifying competition and changing business models.


year on year reduction in operational cost
improvement in sales

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