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Siemens Training

Siemens Training

See below for more information on the types of training we offer. For open enrollment, onsite and remote training, students receive a certificate of completion and one year of access to the course content.

Open Enrollment (Classroom)

Each month Tata Technologies offers public sessions of our most popular Siemens instructor led training courses. With the Open Enrollment format, Tata Technologies will provide all hardware, licensing and courseware for use in class. Select a course title for description, pricing, class schedule, and online registration.


Courses available in the US:

Select a course title for description, pricing, class schedule and online registration for Siemens Training.


FCA Supplier
FCA Supplier Data Exchange


V5 to NX Training Courses
Crossover from V5 to NX


NX Training Courses
NX Essentials for New Users
NX Advanced User
NX Basic Manufacturing
NX Advanced Manufacturing
NX Gateway
NX Drafting
NX Basic Assemblies
NX Large Assemblies
NX Advanced Assemblies
NX Electrical Routing
NX Mechanical Routing (tubing)
NX Free Form Modeling
NX Shape Studio
NX Kinematics-Motion Simulation
NX Advanced Simulation
NX Sheet Metal
NX Wave Engineering


NX Update Training Courses
NX CAD Update
NX CAM Update


Teamcenter Training Courses
Teamcenter Rich Client for Users

Onsite (Client Location)

Tata Technologies offers the option of private onsite training sessions delivered at the customer location. For this option we can provide training on one of our out of the box courses, or deliver a custom curriculum that meets the specific needs of the organization. Tata Technologies can also provide rental hardware/licensing if needed.
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Remote (ILDL/Distance Learning)

For some open enrollment or custom course topics, Instructor Led Distance Learning (ILDL) or “remote” training may be a preferred delivery option. With this method, students are able to join scheduled course sessions via webinar. The Tata Technologies education team can help determine the most efficient and cost effective delivery model based on customer requirements.
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On-the-Job (Mentoring)

For training needs that fall outside the standard scope of instructor led courses, Tata Technologies offers On-the-Job Training (OJT) or at-elbow support. OJT provides the value of an onsite Tata Technologies resource and real time Q & A during standard production hours. Our resources can work side by side with end users, coaching them on application functionality and best practices.
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