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Many of today’s products involve complex development environments, combining mechanical functions with electronics, software and controls.

To meet complex challenges, product engineering teams need a unified, shared platform for all simulation disciplines, with leading-edge analysis tools that are easy-to-use, incorporate more productive workflows and produce consistent results.

Simcenter is designed to address these challenges and realize Siemens’ predictive engineering analytics vision by combining multiple technologies (including CSM, FEA, CFD, multibody dynamics, controls, physical testing, visualization, multidisciplinary designg exploration, and data analytics) in simulation and test. A broad range of simulation and optimization solutions in a single environment, all with a UI that tailors itself to every user’s role within the organization.

  • Work in a modern and fully integrated CAE environment, even if you aren’t using NX CAD.
  • Speed simulation processes by up to 70%, speeding up your development cycle and getting products to market faster.
  • Increase product quality by more easily simulating real-world conditions and easier trade-off analyses across multiple disciplines.
  • Lower your overall product development costs by getting earlier simulation results and correlating simulation with physical testing, reducing costly late design change orders and fewer expensive physical prototypes.

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