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Siemens NX CAM

Siemens NX CAM

Increased outsourcing of part and tooling manufacture means that price and delivery times are key issues.

Whether you are:

  • a Machining Business Owner
  • an IT Manager or CAM Manager
  • Managing a Contract Manufacturing company, or
  • Leading a Design and Manufacturing enterprise

NX CAM delivers a complete solution for machine tool programming that enables you to maximize efficiency in part manufacturing planning and production.  It provides a full suite of software and equipment to support the CAD-CAM-CNC machining process chain: including data & process management, tooling and fixture design, and quality inspection.

Its advanced capabilities allow it to be used for programming many types of parts, from

  • Mold and die (tooling) manufacture
  • Prismatic part machining, and
  • Complex part machining

And, for any sort of Machine Tool:

  • 2-5 axis mills
  • Turning/lathes
  • Mill-turn/Multi-function machines and Wire EDM’s

NX-CAM’s programming automation can make the system easier to use and greatly reduce programming time. Every NX CAM package comes with a post processer builder. And, advanced machine tool simulation in NX is driven by the posted output (G-code driven simulation). These both help ensure that the output of NX is ready for production.

It provides the most powerful, integrated technology platform spanning full 3D CAD, tool design, simulation, and CAM. You won’t need to buy multiple CAM products from different vendors — NX CAM can provide any or all the functions in one package. It can be extended to cover data and tool management, process planning and shop floor connection.

You’ll benefit from NX-CAM by:

  • Maximizing the value of the latest machine tools (in High Speed Milling, Multi-Axis Machining, and in combination multi-function machines.
  • Being able to complete the programming on almost any job – using the wide range of flexible programing functions in NX CAM
  • Allowing for less training for users through ease of use and flexible programming
  • Having fewer software vendors – all in NX

Tata Technologies is an NX-CAM Smart Expert partner meaning that we have the Siemens validated and customer-verified experience and expertise to guide you through the purchase, use and support of NX-CAM.

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