The SIMULIA portfolio provides users with expanded capabilities to simulate product performance and improve and virtually validate product designs. It includes technologies for Finite Element Analysis (Abaqus); topology, shape, bead, and sizing optimization (Tosca structure); fluid-flow topology optimization (Tosca fluid); durability and fatigue evaluation (fe-safe); and Design-of-Experiments, parameter optimization and process capture (Isight).

The world’s technology-leading suite of FEA software for modeling, visualization, and best-in-class implicit and explicit dynamics. Consolidate processes and tools, reduce costs and inefficiencies, improve correlation between test and analysis results, and build a more flexible workforce with more time for innovation.

The Tosca Optimization Suite includes Tosca Structure for structural optimization and Tosca Fluid for optimizing fluid flow. Structure is a one-of-a-kind design-flexibility tool that can assist in early- and late-stage product development with a variety of design concepts to reduce the material weight of your product while improving its rigidity and durability. Fluid helps develop topology=optimization driven design concepts for fluid-flow systems and components to achieve the highest flow performance, quality, and eco-efficiency.

How long will your design last? The fe-safe fatigue life evaluator is a powerful, comprehensive, easy-to-use suite for finite-element models. It can be used alongside Abaqus and within Tosca – or any commercial FEA software. Increase the fatigue life of safety-critical components and reduce product recalls.

The industry-leading process automation and optimization tool. Easily automate your simulation process flows, shorten design and delivery cycles, streamline time-consuming and error-prone manual processes, and ensure that your hardware and software are being engaged at optimum levels. Isight integrates seamlessly with your enterprise web application servers and databases.

Expands SIMULIA’s multiphysics simulation portfolio to include multibody mechatronic systems; Simpoe-Mold – Predict and avoid manufacturing defects during the earliest stages of part and mold design; SLM – an economically deployable solution for capturing, managing, and securing your simulation intellectual property.