Manage even your most sensitive and mission-critical data with ENOVIA, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Product Planning and Program Management
Don’t wait for potential issues to manifest – identify them before they delay production with ENOVIA’s “invisible governance” capability. Determine the optimial mix of product capabilities, plan and manage resource assignments based on real-time data, and schedule and track all aspects of the development process.

Global Product Development
Maximize price premiums and achieve scale efficiencies earlier. Launch globally simultaneously to pull in profits earlier. ENOVIA’s global product development capabilities enable you to craft a well-executed global launch every time for maximum ROI.

Quality and Compliance
Make more effective decisions and expand awareness in your enterprise by extending compliance data to a broader audience. Have end-to-end traceability during your development process and design in material compliance, monitoring in real-time.

IP Classification and Protection
Secure and leverage your intellectual property. Whether it’s tracking IP usage cross projects and customers, eliminating files based on data exchange, classifying and enforcing requirements to comply with ITAR regulations, or just being able to organize data in multiple ways depending on the role of the user, ENOVIA’s IP capabilities have you covered.

Strategic Customer Relationships
Customers have taken a more active role in the products they buy, communicating requirements and preferences more than ever before. Manage those requirements as a built-in part of your development process, not as an afterthought. ENOVIA’s requirements-driven systems engineering approach builds the customer’s desired experiences into the development process in a way visible to all stakeholders.

Strategic Supplier Relationships
Nurture your supplier relationships beyond vendor-OEM associations – become collaborative partners. Strategic supplier relationship capabilities enable you to monitor supplier performance and implement a “design for supply” strategy using Collaborative Sourcing.