With smart products combining hardware, software, and electronics at an increasing pace, a “common development experience” is more critical than ever before. This is a trend in every industry, from consumer goods to heavy industrial equipment.

Powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE solution, CATIA offers an unparalleled user experience. CATIA’s unique integration of the DMU (Digital Mock Up) and FMU (Functional Mock Up) processes enables developers to access a product at a functional, logical, or physical level, or any combination thereof, depending on their roles and requirements.

Address the entire shape design, styling, and surfacing workflow. Work with flexible, intuitive shape design tools and simplify the design of any kind of complex shape. Optimize both product aesthetics and engineering through inter-departmental collaboration tools.

Get key insights into quality and performance early in the development process by creating mechanical products virtually in your operating environment. Use CATIA applications to create 3D assemblies for a wide range of mechanical engineering processes, including cast and forged parts, advanced welding and fastening, composite part design and manufacturing, plastic injection and other molding operations, and machined and sheet metal part design.

Reduce development costs, time, and clashes by creating electrical modules directly in the digital mock-up. Design and document electrical wire harnesses while CATIA automatically creates your manufacturing documentation. Choose from routing and part placement methods for a given context with layout tools for intelligent placement of piping and tubing. Ensure compliance with standards using knowledge and rules management. Integrate realistic PCBs inside a virtual product for improved collaboration between mechanical and electronics specialists.

Enable systems architects, product engineers, designers, and technical experts to define architecture and interdependencies, accelerating the process from initial specification through development, validation, and product delivery. Work in Dymola (Dynamic Modeling Laboratory), a fully integrated architecture, modeling, and simulation solution on a unified collaborative platform.