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Connected OTA

Connected Vehicle experience with over the air updates. That’s better.

Consumers are looking for connected autonomous vehicles that deliver a great experience, and this South-East Asian car manufacturer was keen to launch its first connected vehicle in the global market faster than its competitors. Tata Technologies leveraged its connected car capabilities to implement over-the-air update (OTA) architecture in a challenging timeframe.


The OEM needed to develop a connected car and OTA capability from scratch and launch its flagship EV products in the global market. However, a comprehensive gap analysis revealed several challenges in terms of the OEM’s manufacturing ecosystem, including misaligned teams and data.


Through successful collaboration between engineering and digital teams, Tata Technologies was able to identify gaps and provide technical solutions, resulting in successful project delivery and on-time global launch of connected electric vehicles. We developed specifications and created implementation plans for quick delivery of the Software Over the Air (SOTA) and Firmware Over the Air (FOTA) solutions for their connected vehicle programs.

To deliver on the OEM’s ambitious timelines and quality standards, we worked with different suppliers within the ecosystem to check if all deliverables were up to the global standards. Followed by creating a comprehensive testing plan for validating the SOTA and FOTA features.

We collaborated with the Digital Engineering Services (DES) team and an external agency to deliver smart features for the connected cars and also validate these features including a sign-off on global markets. For a region-specific launch, we delivered 80+ smart features and FOTA solutions for 31 Electronic Control Units (ECUs). Our experts developed end-to-end system architecture capability for SOTA and FOTA for future vehicle programs. For a successful global launch, we created strategic plans for the smooth rollout of OTA updates on customer vehicles.


delivered FOTA for 31 ECUs
smart features for geo-specific launch

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