Siemens NX

Siemens NX

Design, simulate, and manufacture better products. Make smarter decisions earlier in the development process and keep everyone aligned no matter how global your product teams are. Siemens NX CAD, CAE, and CAM solutions create a unified design and manufacturing environment that adapts to your needs and user experience levels.

NX is the industry’s most integrated product design, engineering, and manufacturing solution, and because your industry is always changing, so is NX; its open environment and Siemens’ unique Synchronous Technology are continuously refining and streamlining processes in lockstep with industry trends. Flexible, efficient, and fast – just like a modern product design team should be.

Fully integrated product design, engineering, and manufacturing solutions
Introduce more products to the market, faster

Give your design teams the freedom to use the most productive approach for the task at hand.

  • Select wireframe, surface, solid parametric or direct modeling techniques with seamless interchange.
  • Create and edit geometry with unparalleled speed and ease, even using models created on other CAD systems.
  • Work interactively in the full assembly context, even with the most complex models. Assembly navigation, multi-CAD mockup, interference analysis, path planning and other engineering tools accelerate assembly design and improve quality.
  • Utilize process-specific modeling tools that outperform general purpose CAD for sheet metal design, weld design and electrical and mechanical routing.
  • Quickly create templates from existing models and easily re-use them for new designs. Templates can also include simulation, drafting, validation and other engineering best practices.

Get simulation results faster and more frequently throughout your design process, even if you don’t have a simulation expert on staff. Have multiple CAD systems in your enterprise? Because of its open architecture, NX CAE works with data from any other CAD system. A broad range of simulation and optimization solutions in a single environment, all with a UI that tailors itself to every user’s role within the organization.

Design a more robust part right from the beginning, while letting your CAE team focus on more detailed and complex analyses.

  • Work in a modern and fully integrated CAE environment, even if you aren’t using NX CAD.
  • Speed simulation processes by up to 70%, speeding up your development cycle and getting products to market faster.
  • Increase product quality by more easily simulating real-world conditions and easier trade-off analyses across multiple disciplines.
  • Lower your overall product development costs by getting earlier simulation results and correlating simulation with physical testing, reducing costly late design change orders and fewer expensive physical prototypes.

With its wide range of capability and flexibility, NX CAM for manufacturing lets even most demanding jobs be completed easily.

  • Rapidly prepare 3D part models, even third-party ones; directly edit the model and prepare it for NC programming with NX CAM’s Synchronous Technology, then use its specialized CAD functions to analyze your part.
  • Leverage the master model concept to facilitate concurrent design and NC programming by linking all functions (such as CAM and CMM) back to the single model definition of your part.
  • Enjoy one of the most powerful sets of CAD functions available on the market today for modeling, assemblies, and drafting.