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Engineering meaningful change

Our talent pool of more than 10,000 innovators combines traditional engineering and modern digital technology to build a sustainable future for generations to come.

Our customers

Businesses rely on our people, solutions and services to help them conceptualize, develop and realize better products that deliver a great experience. We’re shaping a better future by delivering delightful experiences that drive meaningful change for customers.

Our people

Our people have the passion and creativity to accelerate the future of engineering. As such, we support employees to fulfill their ambitions and actively invest in upskilling present and future talent through continuous learning and development.

Our partners

Industry analysts consistently rate us as leaders across our technology offerings. We enhance our deep domain expertise by collaborating with an extensive ecosystem of trusted partners, meaning we can solve customers’ problems with agility.

Our planet

We embrace sustainability in everything we do. Through innovative product design, adoption of green practices at the workplace and advocacy of leading-edge technologies, we play our part in engineering a better world for our current and future generations.

Diversity and inclusion

We drive a culture of diversity and inclusion across our organization. By providing a global, diverse and exciting work environment with access to the latest technology, we give everyone the freedom to innovate and the opportunity to succeed. We understand what better looks like – and support our people to play an active role in #EngineeringABetterWorld.


We’re committed to building a safer, greener and more sustainable world for all. Our expertise in innovative product design and our digital thread approach enable us to design greener products, accurately and with minimal waste. We’re proud of our track record in creating lightweight, efficient structures for the next generation of connected vehicles.

Our performance

$473.5 million
revenue in FY22
$86.5 million
operating profit in FY22
year-on-year revenue growth
year-on-year operating profit growth
operating margin, up from 16.3% in FY21
$186.2 million
cash position in FY 22
77 Days
Sales Outstanding in FY22, down from 95 days in FY21

Investor documents

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Annual Report FY 2021-22

View Annual Report FY 2021-22

Addendum to Notice of AGM 2022

View Addendum to Notice of AGM 2022

Annual Returns FY22

View Annual Returns FY22

Consolidated Scrutinizer’s Report 2021-22

View Consolidated Scrutinizer’s Report 2021-22

Annual Report FY 2020-21

View Annual Report FY 2020-21

Annual Returns FY21

View Annual Returns FY21

Amendment to the Articles of Association 2021

View Amendment to the Articles of Association 2021

Chairman Speech – FY 2020-21

View Chairman Speech – FY 2020-21

AGM Transcript 2020-21

View AGM Transcript 2020-21

Consolidated Scrutinizer’s Report 2020-21

View Consolidated Scrutinizer’s Report 2020-21

Annual Report FY 2019-20

View Annual Report FY 2019-20

Annual Returns FY20

View Annual Returns FY20

Chairman Speech – FY 2019-20

View Chairman Speech – FY 2019-20

AGM Transcript 2019-20

View AGM Transcript 2019-20

Consolidated Scrutinizer’s Report 2019-20

View Consolidated Scrutinizer’s Report 2019-20

Annual Report FY 2018-19

View Annual Report FY 2018-19

Annual Returns FY19

View Annual Returns FY19

Chairman Speech – FY 2018-19

View Chairman Speech – FY 2018-19

Consolidated Scrutinizer’s Report 2018-19

View Consolidated Scrutinizer’s Report 2018-19

Annual Report FY 2017-18

View Annual Report FY 2017-18

Consolidated Scrutinizer’s Report 2017-18

View Consolidated Scrutinizer’s Report 2017-18

Annual Report FY 2016-17

View Annual Report FY 2016-17

Consolidated Scrutinizer’s Report 2016-17

View Consolidated Scrutinizer’s Report 2016-17

Subsidiaries Report 2015-16

View Subsidiaries Report 2015-16

Consolidated Scrutinizer’s Report 2015-16

View Consolidated Scrutinizer’s Report 2015-16

TTL – Notice of Postal Ballot – 12.12.2022

View TTL – Notice of Postal Ballot – 12.12.2022

Postal Ballot Scrutinizer Report-14.01.2023

View Postal Ballot Scrutinizer Report-14.01.2023

Policy documents

Details of shareholders’ dividend outstanding for seven consecutive years since June 2013 and related Newspaper advertisement

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Details of shareholders’ dividend outstanding for seven consecutive years since July 2013 and related Newspaper advertisement

Click here to view/download the PDF


The Company has dematerialised its Equity Shares to CDSL & NSDL and Company?s ISIN number is INE142M01017. Members are requested to dematerialise their shares.

Please click below for detailed FAQ on Dematerialization.


Green Initiative Letter & E-Communication Registration Form


Investor Feedback Form


Application to the Authority for claiming unpaid dividend amounts and shares out of IEPF


Outstanding dividend for more than seven consecutive years

Dividend outstanding details from the period 2011 to 2018

Dividend outstanding details from the period 2010 to 2016

Appointment of Independent Directors

Standard Terms and Conditions of appointment of Independent Directors

Investor relations contacts

Unpaid Dividend Investors

List of Unpaid Dividend Investors as on June 24, 2021


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