Aerospace and Defence

Aerospace and Defense

As a preferred partner for leading aerospace and defense companies worldwide, Tata Technologies works with a mature global engineering engagement model to deliver fast and optimized solutions across engineering analysis and modeling, continuous engineering support, core product design and development, manufacturing engineering, manufacturing and repair concessions, justification, embedded systems, product lifecycle management and enterprise solutions

With product development at the heart of our business, we understand the complex requirements facing aerospace manufacturers and can help at all stages of the product development process – from concept to flight and beyond to aftermarket services.

Engineering, Research & Development (ER&D)

The ER&D group provides end-to-end engineering services for product manufacturers from fully outsourced program management to transactional engineering support. Offerings include concept development, engineering detail and design, tool design and validation, and manufacturing production services for complete products or product sub-systems and components.
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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

The PLM services group helps clients optimize product development processes through collaborative engineering tools. PLM a major contributor to ER&D investment efficiency, especially for global engineering teams with extensive supply chains.
Tata Technologies is the world’s largest independent reseller of PLM technology and provides services to optimize clients’ PLM ecosystems. As a PLM consumer ourselves, we draw on insights and best practices developed internally to advance efficiencies within our clients’ engineering practices. The collaborative structure of PLM optimizes the product development process and improves ER&D investment efficiency especially for globally distributed engineering teams.
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Connected Enterprise IT (CEIT)

The CEIT group helps optimize manufacturers’ critical business processes and tie together the ever-increasing amounts of data created throughout the extended enterprise. Manufacturers gain improved planning and performance through the application and data analytics of Enterprise Resource Planning, Manufacturing Resource Planning, Manufacturing Execution Systems, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, Dealer Management Systems, as well as the intelligent use of the Internet and social media. Tata Technologies has extensive practice rapidly integrating the processes, systems and data of companies acquired by its clients.
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