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PLM Tech Talk – Autodesk Newsletter

PLM Tech Talk – Autodesk Newsletter



PLM Tech Talk Autodesk Newsletter

Vol.2, Issue 1

January/February 2022

Hello and welcome to our first issue of the new year:  As the new year gears up, we’d like to make sure you aware of all the new offerings, programs and changes from Autodesk.  First, they no longer accept late renewals, so let’s make sure we are all up to date.  Also, the transition to named user continues forward, so please contact us with any questions you might have so we can help you find the best fit for your needs.  We are here to help you succeed.

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Autodesk Online Gallery

I occasionally check Autodesk’s Gallery; cool stuff is posted from the user community. Its free to browse and add your content or the projects your company is featuring. The Gallery features a diverse use of technology. If you have the Design & Manufacturing Collection or Fusion, you have the technology to produce all the content in the Gallery. The best part is you can download the files for free! If you are into 3D Printing this is a great resource for files. I examine files for design intent and how I can better my skills as a designer.

Our Experts can help you learn just how much the the Gallery can improve your skills and efficiency.  For more information contact us at or on our website at  

Free Autodesk File Viewers

One of the most common questions we get is how do I open Autodesk Files without using a license? Can I print, or create a markup? The answer is yes. You need to go to the link provided and decide what free File Viewer is best for you or your company. A free viewer is the best way to maximize the use of your “paid for” applications.

Recommended Viewers

Our Experts can help you decide which one(s) best fit your needs.  For more information contact us at or on our website at

BIM for Engineering

Yes, BIM. Your customer is asking you for “BIM objects” or digital representations of your products and equipment that can be placed by your customers into their building information models. These intelligent objects contain 3D representations of the product along with associated metadata, such as Omniclass classification, material, model number, MEP connections, and service information. Providing BIM content makes it easier and more likely for your customers to specify your products into their building projects. Some customers are already requiring BIM objects. BIM content can be added to any 3D model, Revit is not required. In fact, Inventor has an interface to process Revit files. With Inventor you can convert your content into lightweight representations appropriate for use in building models.

Learn more about BIM here

Our Experts can help you make this happen.  For more information contact us at or on our website at

Token Flex Licensing now available

Also known as the “Pay as you go” program. it’s a new offering and different than buying a subscription. It can be a VERY confusing one; how it works, what products it works with, and what are the rules associated with it? Do they expire? Can I use them with my Subscription? There are a lot of question. Before you buy check with our staff to make sure you are not overpaying and how to make the new licensing work for you. If you have “occasional users” and they cannot get their job done with a free viewer then this model may be for you.

Contact us for more information on how we can help determine if this right for you and ensure this works for you if it is, at or at

Fusion Offerings

Here at Tata Technologies our direction is – it is here, it is time, it is a real product.

For years now we have been curious and even giving it a test ride. Looking at it as if it ishalf baked. Not true anymore and our customers are putting Fusion in production. Especially in CAM applications.

It is saving more money and time than anyone would have predicted. Not just the CAM applications, there are Fusion Extensions and you should give them a close look. These Extensions include Generative Design, Simulation, Machining, Nesting & Fabrication, Additive Manufacturing, PLM, and Product Design. However, base Fusion 360 is a robust CAD/CAM platform with built in features like PCB design. Make sure the base product doesn’t have what you need before moving on to an Extension. Our Experts can help you learn just how much these Fusion offerings can improve your capabilities, capacity and efficiency.  For more information contact us at or on our website at

Improved Training
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