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Product Lifecycle Management

Product Lifecycle Management

Effective PLM is about implementing the right combination of people, data, processes, technology and infrastructure to optimise the product lifecycle. While most PLM service providers focus primarily on the technical challenges and deployment of vendor technologies, at Tata Technologies, we understand that the key to creating true value and bottom line benefit from PLM lies in a judicious blend of well-understood processes and requirements, realistic expectations for vendor technologies, a pragmatic and comprehensive deployment and change management plan, and commitment at all levels of the organisation.

We offer an integrated enterprise wide proposition to help companies realise maximum value from their PLM investment. At Tata Technologies, we deliver total PLM services that:

  • Enable our clients to define and optimise better product development processes
  • Ensure productive application of vendor technologies to solve real business problems
  • Execute an efficient roadmap for deployment and support
  • Create and return real value on a PLM strategy

Our PLM solutions are a part of our Digital Enterprise Solutions (DES) suite. We partner with our customers to align their people and processes throughout the enterprise, enabling effective realization across the Product Lifecycle. This includes helping them identify and deploy emerging technologies, tools and solutions to manufacture, service and realize better products.


Our PLM Analytics Suite has enabled organisations to reach PLM Maturity, better respond to evolving market conditions, and maximise value from PLM investments. Unrivalled throughout the industry, PLM Analytics provides a progressive indication of PLM maturity. Read more.

Digital Product Development

Effectively managing the digital product can bring significant business benefits to manufacturing organisations; Tata Technologies helps manufacturing organisations define and implement their PLM and NPI optimisation business case, through effective and efficient business processes: from xBoM, visualisation, xCAD, requirements, change management, CAE/simulation lifecycle, PLM-ERP integration, business analytics, supply chain collaboration, to material, weight and cost management.

Digital Manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing connects product development with digital plant engineering; it brings essential business capabilities and benefits with advanced simulation, plant operations optimisation, shop floor layout, manufacturing processes, integration of products and suppliers, factory resource optimisation through the digital, virtual and smart factory. Tata Technologies helps manufacturers link their ER&D and manufacturing functions, across the wider enterprise and supply chain, to bring end-to-end requirements and best practices to both product and factory design, with a view to fasten time to market and maximise flawless execution.