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Knowledge Solutions

Knowledge Solutions

Tata Technologies helps the world’s leading companies to improve data quality and train their engineers with its custom developed i PRODUCT software programs.

Our i PRODUCTS suite of powerful software tools improve engineering efficiency and productivity by helping organisations establish, administer and share standards and best practices.





With more than 1,000 online self-paced training courses available, i GET IT provides engineers with guided learning paths on a variety of CAD, CAM, PLM, and industry-focused topics. i GET IT users can create and publish their own content, or copy and edit course material published by Tata Technologies’ own industry experts. Read why DEVELOP 3D magazine said i GET IT “could be the best investment you make this year.”


i CHECK IT for Autodesk and CATIA allows you to configure your own checking standards from a list of nearly 200 checks. Those standards are then used to validate your designs to prevent design issues and enforce standards resulting in higher quality designs and increased productivity. Check out the review on i CHECK IT featured in DEVELOP3D magazine to learn more.


i COMPARE IT is the product quality process from Tata Technologies that allows manufacturers to close the loop between the OEM native 3D master model and point inspection data from the final part. i COMPARE IT integrates seamlessly with CATIA V5 to provide a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for manufacturing personnel to rapidly validate inspection and translation data.

Download the i COMPARE IT Brochure


i SUPPORT IT help desk professionals offer premier client services via the web, email, and global and regional hotlines by leveraging decades of experience in the maintenance of systems, applications, and data environments. Clients can choose from Web, Live, Multi-Application, and Enterprise Help.

Web Help: Knowledge base articles, free applications and community downloads.

Live Help: All of the Web Help offerings with the added value of being able to submit support requests and receive training

Multi-Application Help: Incorporates all of the Live Help features for multiple product needs.

Enterprise Help: Incorporates all of the previous levels of support with the addition of a block of support hours to be used for onsite support for:

  • Administration
  • On-the-job training
  • Best practices and methodologies
  • Consulting
  • Domain expertise
  • Onsite technician requests