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Digital Thread

Great products delivered to customers on time. That’s better.

To perform in the marketplace, automotive companies must deliver products to customers on time and as per their requirements. This young American EV startup wanted to manufacture and deliver multiple variants on time and collaborated with Tata Technologies to set up a scalable enterprise architecture that aligned the entire organization and ensured higher efficiency.


With the automotive landscape getting competitive by the day, the automaker was working towards customizing the vehicles as per their specific customer needs. To produce customized products flexibly and rapidly while keeping minimal stock at hand, companies must be creative with their business process flows and the IT tools at their disposal. The customer was looking to build a robust enterprise architecture with seamless integration between applications on their own landscape for engineering, supply chain, shop floor execution systems, and customer-facing applications, so that they could develop their products on time and launch them in the market rapidly in record time. However, the evolution of too many business processes while the IT systems were getting designed only added to the challenges. To develop this system enterprise integration framework, the customer chose Tata Technologies on the back of our unparalleled understanding of the automotive industry combined with technical expertise in PLM, SAP, and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) applications.


Our team put in place a well-balanced enterprise architecture with digital process flows and with a focus on all functions – implementing and integrating the following four critical tools of their IT landscape, engineering application – PLM- 3DX platform, business systems -ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)- SAP S/4 HANA, shop floor execution systems and the customer-facing applications.

Our solutions helped the OEM address challenges like “high mix-high volume” production scenarios, rapid model launches, ensuring seamless customer experience, efficient order scheduling, supply chain planning, S&OP with forecast horizons & demand plan, supplier & inventory management, compliance, and traceability. We innovated an effective solution to meticulously broadcast the requirement plan and deliver parts in the correct sequence at the right location at the shop floor stations from various distant warehouses.

We accomplished the overall digital transformation engagement in a record short implementation time with our templatized approach, especially considering the high complexity and the massive scale of operations. We leveraged technologies that fit into the client’s business objectives and goals and were only possible with superior tool expertise and domain knowledge

The customer reduced the total cost of ownership by 10% due to a single vendor for implementation and faster development cycles with template accelerators.

The successful implementation of the system architecture is a testimony to our Can-do attitude. We continue to engage with the customer in their expansion plans for manufacturing, expanding their distribution network and new product launches, while maintaining and enhancing their IT landscape.


reduction in total cost of ownership
Engineering applications
successful integration across engineering applications

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