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Tata Technologies, a leading global engineering services and product development firm, signed a partner agreement with Visual Collaboration Technologies on Feb 21, 2021 to introduce VCollab’s innovative “3D Digital CAE Reporting” solutions. This shall benefit the Indian manufacturing industry to maximize the utilization of their CAE Investments by delivering enhanced quality products with minimized costs and time-to-market.

Headquartered in Troy, MI, Visual Collaboration Technologies is a privately-owned software solutions company with offices in Texas and Bangalore. VCollab has helped more than 100 manufacturers in automotive, aerospace, consumer goods, high tech, and industrial companies to deliver better products by enabling 3D Digital CAE Reports with actionable simulation insights for sharing across teams, locations, and global supply chains. VCollab partners with all major CAE vendors, including ANSYS, Dassault Systemes, MSC Software, and Siemens Digital Industries Software, and is a member of the NAFEMS SPDM Working Group.

Simulation tools offer the promise of higher-quality, lower-cost products. Unfortunately, the output they provide can’t be easily shared.
Simulation analysts must create time-consuming, 2D simulation reports, usually in PowerPoint, to share information widely — leaving design, release, and manufacturing engineers to make decisions without all the facts.

VCollab combines the simulation results — from multiple simulation tools — into a single, compact, vendor-neutral, 3D Digital CAE Report that’s viewable from any device with a browser. Moreover, VCollab automates the process of creating these 3D Digital CAE Reports, saving valuable analyst time.

This makes complete information available to design and release engineers. Even your global suppliers and OEMs can access these critical insights through digital CAE reports.


List of products

VCollab PROExperience CAE process automation in entirety creating actionable simulation insights from multiple simulation reports and share across teams, locations, and supply chains. With automatic report generation create shareable 3D Digital Reports in minutes, not hours or days. Automatically identify hotspots and create fully interactive 3D Digital Reports for engineers and others in the design and manufacturing team.
VCollab PRESENTERExplore simulation insights in-depth, including annotations, animations and peak results. Manipulate simulation information to achieve a deeper understanding of the insights. Add annotations, which are linked to the model for full traceability.
VCollab WEBView 3D Digital Reports including annotations, animations, and peak results, from an HTML browser – no installation required.

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