Stratasys H350 - Tata

Stratasys H350

Stratasys H350

Leveraging Selective Absorption Fusion, SAF™ technology, into the H-Series production platform, the Stratasys H350 is designed to deliver functional, production-grade parts with unrivaled consistency.

Grow your part production business and stay competitive with a workflow you can control, and cost per part you can accurately predict.
The H350 lets you tailor your production to suit your business needs. Adjust powder mixes and re-use unfused powder to monitor material costs.
Select finishing processes and equipment to maximize production efficiency in your business, and fine-tune print settings to your specification – all whilst using SAF™ technology to achieve accurate, repeatable parts, consistently.

Application Segments
• Commercial Goods
• Consumer Goods / Electronics
• Orthopedics / Medical
• Service Bureaus
• Transportation

Top User Applications
Robust Bulky Parts: Molds, load bearing parts such as brackets, machine components, jigs, fixtures, adapters and manifolds
Quality Finished and Durable parts: Impact-resistant parts like eye-wear, consumer electronic cases and ear-phones
Parts with moving components: Components and parts like hinges, clips, snap fits, connectors and housings.

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