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Scalable and robust realistic simulation solutions accelerate innovation by enabling designers and engineers to explore and improve real-world product performance in a lifelike, virtual environment. By using SIMULIA’s leading software solutions for finite element analysis, multiphysics, process automation, and design optimisation, product development teams are able to reduce the time and costs of physical prototypes while improving product reliability and safety.
Powered by 3DEXPERIENCE® Platform, SIMULIA delivers realistic simulation applications that enable users to reveal the world we live in. The power of SIMULIA is available on the cloud and on premise.

Tata Technologies has extensive experience with all types of simulation and have one of the world’s largest collection of analysts who help solve problems in a wide variety of industries. Our Engineering, Research & Development services are used by many of the world’s top Auto and Aerospace OEM’s.

Read this whitepaper to learn how you can accelerate powertrain strength & durability with simulation and improve the performance of the vehicle.
Tata Technologies can show you how to use SIMULIA to solve complex, real world problems. Contact us for a demonstration.

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