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Align, gather, and enrich Big Data. Deliver it the way your various users want to see it. Transform large volumes of disparate data into meaningful information intelligence, in real time.

Customer Interaction
Your customers have high expectations of customer service in this day and age, and their inquiries enter your company from across multiple channels and the data needed to answer their questions often lives in many different systems and technologies. The EXALEAD portfolio includes customer interaction applications to help aggregate inquiries and data, and give your customer support teams the tools they need to be effective.

Digital Assets
Chances are your organization has distributed, diverse digital assets. EXALEAD converts those assets into meaningful information from a single source, distilled in real time. Unique data discovery solutions respond to specific market demands, creating a new way to work – with different users all able to find, discover, analyze, and share the information needed wherever it lives.

Big Data Applications
The technological evolutions of the past decade have created a massive data landscape. It is often costly and difficult to extract the big data picture from so many diverse channels. EXALEAD enables organizations to meet demands for in-context, accurately-delivered Web and Big Data information – aggregated, organized, and easy to access. Reveal the value of data created by connected products and assets with superior agility and speed.

Web Mining
EXALEAD’s honed HTTP crawler offers you a uniquely intelligent and powerful tool for extracting meaningful content from the internet, both structured and unstructured. Enrich your applications with content from EXALEAD’s public search engine index, integrate web search results in your dashboards, and capture determinants of customer behaviors and changes in the competitive landscape to refine your predictive analyses.

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