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ENOVIA is the collaborative innovation application which powers Dassault Systèmes suite of innovation solutions. ENOVIA solutions cover a large range of business processes—from project and program management to system engineering, product development and regulatory compliance.

Transforming your business is a difficult undertaking and Tata Technologies is uniquely positioned to help you on this journey. Our extensive PLM delivery capabilities and global presence can be leveraged to make sure that your transformation is successful.

The ENOVIA software portfolio simplifies the product lifecycle by allowing manufacturers to capture, retain, and repurpose product data to help accelerate next-generation product evolution. ENOVIA’s widely accessible and user-friendly product data management features facilitate:

  • Virtual product modelling
  • Concurrent engineering
  • Design change documentation
  • Global collaboration between diverse design teams
  • Enterprise-wide access to product, process, and resource data
  • Reuse of product data during design and manufacturing

Glance this eBook to understand the need and role of product lifecycle management (PLM) to address product development challenges and the imperative to think beyond PLM to connect the entire value network to foster innovation and achieve business objectives.

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