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Sustainable engineering

We create change by delivering sustainable solutions that are better for our customers, wider communities and the planet.


Our deep domain expertise in automotive enables us to deliver innovative sustainable solutions across the product lifecycle – and engineer the vehicles of the future.

Industrial Heavy Machinery

We implement sustainable strategies and solutions across operating models, processes and technologies to realize greener industrial heavy machinery products.


We create innovative, high-precision products and experiences that reduce carbon emissions for leading aerospace companies.

Focus on carbon footprint

Vehicle lightweighting

We create lightweight structures for the next generation of connected vehicles, efficiently and sustainably.

Sustainable facilities management

By streamlining processes and working with the latest technologies, we deliver sustainable facilities management for our customers.

Sustainable product design

Our digital thread approach enables us to focus on designing greener products, accurately and with minimal waste.

Commitment to tree planting

We’ve launched a tree planting pilot project in a school to help educate students about the importance of nature, as well as provide an additional source of food for the school.

Better for communities

We’re committed to providing STEM education and upskilling programs to our key communities to help them live a better life.

Ready Engineer 2.0

Our Ready Engineer 2.0 program is run in collaboration with industrial associations and incubation partners and offers 6,000 graduate engineers in India the opportunity to enhance their engineering and entrepreneurial skills, as well as their employability.

Empower via Education (EVE)

We help female engineers from lower-income backgrounds reach their potential with scholarships for degree, PG and high school courses. We also fund living expenses. To date, we’ve supported 350 female engineers.

Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM)

Our STEM program focuses on integrated learning solutions for high school students through various activity-based learning programs, mentorship through experts, career counselling support and innovation project competitions.

Covid response strategy

We responded to the pandemic by providing ventilators, PPEs, oxygen concentrators and oximeters to hospitals. We also organized a mobile vaccination program, taking 45,000 vaccine doses to vulnerable communities, and led food relief initiatives, helping more than 300 families.

Our CSR committee

Our CSR Committee comprises of the following Board members:

1. Ms. Aarthi Sivanandh – Chairperson, Independent, Non-Executive Director

2. Mr. P B Balaji – Member, Non-Executive Director

3. Mr. Warren Harris – Member, CEO & Managing Director

CSR Collaterals

We follow the Tata group philosophy of building sustainable businesses that are rooted in the community and demonstrate care for the environment, below policies govern our CSR initiatives.

Corporate Social Responsibility policy

Click here to view/download the pdf

Tata Sustainability policy

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Projects approved by CSR Board

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