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Digital Manufacturing

Launch new plants faster, at a lower cost. That’s engineering.

The customer is the world’s second-most geographically diversified steel producer. Their operations are fully integrated – from mining to the manufacturing and marketing of finished products. For a new manufacturing plant, the customer wanted to minimize construction costs and reduce the manufacturing errors – even before the plant was built.


The customer wanted to deploy virtual commissioning tests in their manufacturing systems and associated control programs through simulation conducted virtually in a lab setting before the actual deployment in a plant. They were looking to achieve early detection and correction of errors generated during engineering, especially in controller programming. The customer chose Tata Technologies, a global leader in digital engineering solutions for the manufacturing industry, to design and develop the concerned system framework.


The customer faced multiple challenges in terms of plant and machinery operations, dependencies on the sequential workflow of conventional commissioning, uncertainty to ensure adherence to delivery timelines, operator safety while commissioning, inability to test various failures and disturbance scenarios, lack of flexibility in-lined with in-house capability and multiple ownerships. The Tata Technologies team implemented virtual commissioning methodology for machinery as well as plant level commissioning through a 3-phased approach using digital twin model development for virtual commissioning, followed by digital twin model testing.

From the Proof of Concept (PoC) phase to scaling up and implementation to diversification, the 3-phased virtual commissioning approach included designing solution architecture for emulating digital twin model of plants and equipment aligned to the real plants and equipment to monitor the on-going activities virtually from the control room. We also integrated digital twin with IIoT to collate and analyze critical parameters such as the temperature of motor bearing for predictive maintenance.

This was the first-ever exercise by an industry incumbent to execute virtual commissioning at the plant level. We achieved 30% savings in the commissioning cost as compared to conventional commissioning methodologies, where a day’s saving is equal to ~$8 M of full production capacity. The manufacturer was able to reduce the on-site testing efforts, project lead time by 15% and overall costs and attain improved application quality, productivity & working conditions.


reduced project lead time
savings in commissioning cost

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