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Digital Manufacturing

Healthy manufacturing assets and higher productivity. That’s engineering.

To deliver profitable products, companies are improving manufacturing efficiency. This customer, a UK-based global automaker, wanted real-time visibility of asset utilization. Tata Technologies leveraged its accelerators to implement a solution that could collect and monitor real-time data across the plant, enabling high performance, better quality, and enhanced utilization.


The client was facing challenges in procuring usable, actionable production data. Lack of access to data was leading to massive inefficiencies and affecting manufacturing operations due to the inability to drive process improvements or justify capital expenditures. This, in turn, was leading to unexpected machine downtime and production losses. To address this problem, the client was looking for a platform that would enable real-time monitoring of plant processes, machines, tools & workforce with complete, real-time visibility into asset utilization on the shop floor. To develop the customized system, the client chose Tata Technologies on the back of its extensive experience in developing various customer-specific data management platforms for some of the leading global automotive giants.


To address delayed decision-making due to the lack of centralized visibility, non-scalability due to disparate systems, and decentralized master data, Tata Technologies leveraged its proprietary Central facility monitoring system (FACMON).

With FACMON, the customer could collect and monitor real-time and historical data across different business functions in a plant, enabling high performance, better product quality, and equipment availability. From capturing live data from any platform/PLC/level of data abstraction, reporting in real-time, and enabling historic view to predictive analysis for predictive maintenance and production routing / scheduling, our digital engineers put together a comprehensive architecture for the customer.

We leveraged tools like CIMPLICITY (GE), Kepware (PTC) and FT LINX (Rockwell), Dot Net, MVC & SSRS for real-time monitoring of the plant processes, evaluating machine & tools availability, and capturing manufacturing operation, equipment, and resources data all in real-time. We identified 32 standard measurable KPIs at the station, line, and facility level to help the customer understand and assess the overall health of the plant. Data from these KPIs enabled real-time reporting of basic OEE, MTTR (Mean Time To Repair), MTTA (Mean Time To Acknowledge), and MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure).

Tata Technologies, with its vast experience in developing various customer- and industry-specific data management tools and platforms, was uniquely positioned to deliver a solution tailored exactly in accordance with the customer’s requirements. In addition to improved asset utilization, the auto manufacturer realized approximately 18% improved MTTR and MTBF and 90% improved availability.


visibility across production plant
real-time measurement of 32 Plant Health KPIs
improved MTTR and MTBF

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