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Teamcenter Rapid Start

Design Data Management | Process Management | Basic Change Management

What’s the overall benefit of Product Data Management (PDM)?

Preconfigured PDM Delivers Rapid Results:
– Optimizes everyday tasks, reduces errors and re-work through a single source of product data
– Ensures quality and repeatability with simple process execution
– Streamlines collaboration and reuse through its multi-CAD data management capabilities

Find, Reuse and Share Data across a Multi-CAD Design Chain
Teamcenter Rapid Start (TCRS) excels at handling mixed CAD environments — regardless of the MCAD tools used, you’ll see a single view of product data, engineering processes and status.

– As assembly data is captured — you can improve product quality by defining & managing the product structure and design BOM to accurately reflect all the product configurations, and variants options.
– Once you’ve captured the design information in TCRS, your design teams can quickly find, share and reuse proven design data that will help improve your overall product quality.

Process Management — Product Release and Engineering Change
When managing everyday tasks and processes, TCRS helps ensure processes are conducted consistently so designers can work efficiently, in a collaborative environment, to meet design and schedule targets.

– Preconfigured workflows and status
– Entry-level engineering change management

Flexibility to Manage CAD from Legacy Applications
When managing CAD data from legacy applications, customers, suppliers or acquisitions, there will be a smooth transition when replacing a traditional system (and its legacy data) with a more modern system.

Mechanical and Electrical Integrations – MCAD & ECAD
TCRS handles MCAD and ECAD integrations. Collaborate closely within and across domains and organizational functions, working with both mechanical and electrical design data in the same preconfigured PDM environment.  And, you’ll be able to define a standardized, “intelligent” part number structure.

ECAD integration options include:
– PCB design tools from Altium, Cadence, and Mentor
– Wire harness design tools from EPLAN, Mentor and Zuken

Document Management
Create and manage documents in conjunction with PDM processes and data

– Establish relationships between products and related documents. Easily manage the creation/update of technical publications, process sheets, customer requirements, manufacturing set-ups, test specifications
– Integration with Microsoft Office extends coverage to other users
– Simple search capabilities allow you to quickly find the information you need
– Preconfigured and custom reports

Preconfigured Roles and Functionality
Teamcenter Rapid Start offers preconfigured groups and roles with appropriate access permissions to simplify common tasks.

– Standard set of roles support tasks (IE) start a new project, issue an ECO, review a design
– Automate everyday tasks and company-wide processes

Better Product Data Management with Teamcenter Rapid Start
Your PDM will be up and running quickly with…
– a single installation process for server and client resulting in a fully configured environment ready to use,
– standard organization and roles, preconfigured database, workflows, reports, security model – you’ll have the capabilities you need as soon as you complete the installation,
– ongoing updates and support are simple, fast and effective.

And, you can easily expand to Teamcenter and add on modules while keeping your Teamcenter Rapid Start pre-configurations.

Quickly Implement the Cost-Effective, Pre-configured Teamcenter Rapid Start Product Data Management Solution Today!


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