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Digital innovations through integrated platform. That’s engineering.

The customer is the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, off-highway diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines and diesel-electric locomotives. The manufacturer is working towards building a better, more sustainable world while contributing to a reduced-carbon future.


The manufacturer, committed to innovation, had a pressing need to improve its legacy systems. They had disconnected systems, interrupted manual and semi-automatic data transfers, and insufficient data transparency, leading to a lack of integration between projects, products, and processes. With over 40+ disintegrated application running on legacy PLM systems, the manufacturer was unable to leverage current digital manufacturing trends and functionalities. Moreover, lack of direct connectivity between MES and shop systems led to a more complex architecture. To address this issue, the leading manufacturer chose Tata Technologies to partner with and build a unified product development system with the goal of continuous improvement.


The manufacturer was looking to enable their latest manufacturing process planning technology and leverage Siemens solution capabilities on MPP, MES, and QMS. We worked out business priorities together with the customer and plotted the as-is landscape process flow, identified implicit and explicit pain points, and mapped them with process activities to establish a PLM-enabled digital thread. We leveraged our unique framework based on proven superior project performance outcome and adopted a 4-stage approach for building a solution.

A pre-migration strategy report and a comprehensive study of applications integrated with PLEX (Legacy PLM, ERP) system gave the manufacturer a holistic view of what was needed to break down organizational silos and achieve effective integration of engineering processes, tools, and people.

The manufacturer benefitted from the high-level business requirement report, to-be architecture and to-be state integration architecture, an implementation roadmap, and a final blueprint report that Tata Technologies delivered. The manufacturer set out to establish a PLM-enabled digital thread, commit to collaboration and made digital transformation an executive priority.

Our COTS-based MES solution to the manufacturer helped the manufacturer save approximately $75 M (Hard + Soft), 140 hours/month of efforts in tool management, and achieved 100% integrated systems and visibility into shop floor operations.

Tata Technologies’ quick turnaround and can-do attitude enabled us to plan and execute the blueprint, helping the customer realize a single version of truth for informed decision-making and LEAN manufacturing.


cost saving
visibility into shop floor operations

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