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Engineering a Better World

Navigating IN THE
New Normal

Ever since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen more radical changes globally than we have seen over the last few decades. Humanity was challenged to survive and thrive in the new normal and it fought back like never before. The importance of purpose-led businesses was reinforced as winning organizations focused on a sustainable ecosystem respecting all key stakeholders, including the environment and community at large. 

Engineering a better world for everyone

Tata Technologies Limited is a global engineering and product development digital services company focused on fulfilling its mission of helping the world drive, fly, build and farm by enabling manufacturing clients across the automotive, industrial machinery and aerospace verticals to realize better products and drive efficiencies in their businesses, leading to the development of products which are better for the end customer and community at large.

Our strategy and operations reinforce our commitment towards our vision of Engineering a Better World. We envisage shaping a world that is better for our customers as we collaborate with them to develop products that are lighter, safer, and deliver a better experience to their end customers. We endeavor to inspire an ecosystem that is better for our people, wherein they get an opportunity to innovate next-gen products that are better for the environment.

Our people stand committed to realizing the dream of a sustainable future as we accelerate our focus on the design and development of electric vehicles and increasingly adopt green solutions across our operations. The Tata Technologies philosophy fosters a culture that is better for the society at large as we undertake various skill development and community upliftment initiatives to support our key communities. Our core values of One Team with Customers, Can Do attitude and Global Mindset underpin our collaborative innovation approach that enables us to delight our customers and inspire our people.

Young coders and innovators are welcome

We are looking for young innovators to join us in our vision towards #EngineeringABetterWorld. Our National Hackathon Codethon 2.0 is now live. We are accepting applications from the best and brightest engineering graduates across India. This hackathon will provide all fresh graduates a platform to showcase their skills and talent and compete for an opportunity to be part of Tata Technologies and the wider Tata Group. If you are an enthusiastic engineering student and aspire to work for a company that is setting new standards in Digital Engineering, don’t miss this opportunity to start your exciting journey with us. Register today!

Registrations starts: 19th July 2022
Registration ends: 23rd July 2022
Online assessment: 25th July 2022
Technical and HR Interview: 27th July-30th July

Let's engineer a better world together

All of us at Tata Technologies are contributing towards building a better future together. We are keen for you to be an essential part of the ingenuity that is delivering electric experience to customers across the world and helping organizations become future-ready.

Our teams across geographies are driven by a common purpose of Engineering a Better World and collaborating with customers to help them develop winning products and businesses. In the process, our team/s learn about the latest technologies, innovations, and solutions that make them future-ready and drive them with a sense of accomplishment and pride. Our people have seen their professional knowledge grow beyond their initial job title as we pioneer into the opportunities and challenges of interweaving the technologies that make Tata Technologies a great place to innovate.

Our journey is acknowledged and admired by everyone

You may have heard about us from one of your colleagues who are proud to be working in an organization that was awarded the Global Digital Company of the Year 2020 by Frost & Sullivan. While browsing for the top global engineering service providers, you may have come across the brand-name – Tata Technologies Limited, which is ranked among the top leading engineering service providers by Zinnov as part of Zinnov Zones 2020. There’s a chance that you may have heard about us from your friend who is interested in equity and dealing with unlisted shares (popular apps frequently cite us as a top investment in unlisted space). In all likelihood, most of you may have experienced our product engineering solutions while traveling in a vehicle without even knowing about it as we work with top OEMs across the globe. Many of the hi-tech geeks out there may have also experienced or utilized our digital transformation solutions while transacting with these OEMs through apps. 

Our values are at the core of everything we do

Our core values define our fundamental principles and shape the culture of our organization. They are the basis of how we act and take decisions. We live the core values through our individual conduct.  





We are a motivated tribe of one proud Tata Technologies family built on the ethos of collaborative progress, empathy, and a sense of belonging. We embrace a work culture that fosters a competent community of achievers who work together, grow together and win together along with the customers. Come, be a part of this enthusiastic team of professionals dedicated to Engineering a Better World.





Team Tata Technologies thrives on challenges to add value to the lives of people. We believe in a determined work approach through our can-do attitude to succeed and win the game. Our talent force is always raring to go beyond the conventional borders in their quest to create something better. Experience the collaborative and supportive environment to extend your learning curve by working together with the best talent in the business.






With global operations, we have experts from diverse communities and cultures working unitedly towards our mission. Our diverse talent force stands committed to transforming the globe into a progressive ecosystem that benefits all. We value and celebrate different ideologies, approaching them as an opportunity to learn something new. Join us and be a part of this truly global team with a global mindset.

Engineer the future, Engineer your future

We are at the forefront of Engineering a Better World together as one proud team with customers. Our think-tank of innovators is inspiring the digital world of tomorrow with their expertise and global mindset. Come be part of our vision to engineer a better future. Work closely with our global community of achievers to engineer your better future.

Engineer the electric future

Be part of a charged team determined to bring an electric change.

Drive the future of mobility

Collaborate with a team of futurists to develop next-gen AUTOSAR solutions for vehicles of tomorrow.

Weave a digital world with limitless possibilities

Join hands with a community of innovators to shape the digital future.

Curate incredible customer journeys

Spread happiness together with a motivated team that delivers delightful customer experiences.

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