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CATIA Macro Request

CATIA Macro Request

Thank you for your interest in our free CATIA macros. As a valued Tata Technologies customer, you are entitled to two free macros per quarter. Please select from the list of available macros listed below.

3D Point Creation Export Drawing Texts to Excel
3D Point Extraction Export Drawing Table to Excel
Add 3D Text Extract Cog of a Part Body
Bounding Box i CONVERT IT
Change Color of Geometric Elements in Drawing List Part Bodies in Excel
Check Spelling Measure Volume
Convert Part Bodies to CAT Part Projected Surface Area Extraction
Create Material Family Rename Instance Names in Active Document
Create User Properties in Part/Product Search Fillets
Drawing Links Check Split Cubes
Drawing Sheet Report Title Block Creation
Edit Drawing Links Tube Creation

Click here for a detailed description of each available macro.

Terms & Conditions

  • Macros are valid for 365 days
  • Up to two macros can be requested per quarter
  • This service is provided free of charge
  • Please read our legal notice before requesting (hyperlink to page)
  • Macros cannot be shared with others without express written permission from Tata Technologies