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  • Discover What's New - 2014 Autodesk Manufacturing Solutions Recorded Webinar
    Presented by Ben Curtin, Tata Technologies NA:  https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/430421978

    The New Autodesk Releases Are Here. Discover What's New in 2014 Autodesk Products in this valuable recorded webinar.  See what’s new in Inventor, Manufacturer collaboration with BIM data, and Digital Prototyping at this free special event:
    •    Create, capture, connect, showcase your designs, and streamline your workflow.
    •    Choose the suite or software that’s custom built for your industry—and manage your design process from start to finish.
    •    Connect to Autodesk® 360 cloud services for easy sharing, collaboration, and optimization simulation.
    ABOUT THE PRESENTER:  Ben Curtin, a uniquely seasoned Tata Technologies bus-dev consultant, will skillfully present the newest features and benefits of Autodesk 2014 products.  With over 14 years’ experience using Autodesk’s manufacturing products in a technical consulting role, he currently works for Tata Technologies as a business development consultant and specializes in Digital Prototyping with 3D modeling, PDM and Simulation.  Ben has used various CAD applications since 1993 and holds a BSME from Michigan Technological University.  Previous industry experience includes working at a machine tool manufacturer and at a furniture manufacturer as a product development engineer where he used AutoCAD, Inventor and Vault.

  • Knowledge Based Engineering - KBE represents a merging of object-oriented programming, artificial intelligence, and computer aided design. View video
  • Get your products to market faster with ICEM Surf - The Art of Surface Modeling. How ICEM software is used in Class “A” Surfacing and its strengths.
    • ICEM Surf is designed to work with your environment and your ideas whatever they look like. ICEM Surf creates the virtual surface model you need for your product’s design specification. But it also creates the geometrical structures your engineers need to bring your product to market as quickly as possible, without compromising on quality
    • This webinar talks about how ICEM software is used in Class “A” Surfacing and its strengths.
    • The webinar covers the following topics:
      • Introduction to Class “A” Surfacing.
      • Why and where Class “A” Surfacing is used.
      • Why ICEM?
      • Case Studies
      • Why Tata Technologies?
  • Webinar on Digital Manufacturing: Build it right every time.
    • 1. What is Digital Manufacturing
      2. Digital factory and its benefits
      3. Why is it important?
      4. DELMIA introduction and applications
      5. Why DELMIA?
      6. Case Studies
  • Simple Solutions for Complex Machines
    • Following topics will be covered in the webinar:
      1. Overview of 3D VIA Composer
      2. How it is useful for Industrial Equipment Manufacturers
      3. Advantages and benefits
      4. Customer references
      5. Q & A session
  • How to Create impressive product documentation, stunning as your designs:
    • Publish better maintenance and training manuals that reduce warranty costs
    • Clearly communicate design intent
    • Reduce documentation time
    • Improve manufacturing quality and reduce errors
    • Update deliverables automatically when designs change
    • Bring products to market faster
    • Differentiate from the competition
    • Discussion topics will cover:
      • What is 3DVIA Composer™
      • How does it work and its benefits
      • Case studies
  • Multi-Engineering systems Modeling and Simulation
    • Environment for modeling and simulation of integrated and complex systems
    • Key features:
      • Based on Modelica® standard language, a powerful, object oriented and formally defined modeling language
      • Comprehensive model libraries
      • Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation (HILS), real-time on dspace and xPC
      • Interface to Simulink
      • Real-time 3D animation and import of CAD files.
    • The topics that will be covered during the webinar are:
      • Introduction to Dymola
      • Behavior modeling with Dymola
      • Understanding Modelica language
      • Advantages of Dymola for modeling and Simulation
      • Introduction to Dymola libraries
      • Case studies highlighting the usage of Dymola for various industries – Automotive, Aerospace and Energy
  • Digital Manufacturing: Build it right every time
    • Following topics will be covered in the webinar:
      • What is Digital Manufacturing
      • Digital factory and its benefits
      • Why is it important?
      • DELMIA introduction and applications
      • Why DELMIA?
      • Case Studies