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Sudden spikes in product demand or an immediate need for new product development can expose a company’s need for additional product lifecycle resources. Hiring and training new full-time professionals is one way to cope, but the process often requires an inordinate amount of time and financial investment, as well as a long-term increase in fixed costs for what may a short-term requirement

Tata Technologies provides a cost-effective shared services solution for clients facing tight budgets, short deadlines, or lack of expertise. Tata Technologies supplements existing staff, temporarily fills open positions, or provides the equivalent of a full- or part-time professional. Our teams of world-class PLM professionals are supported by an experienced technical management team to provide total PLM staffing solutions.
To find out more about our HR Shared Services:
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HR Shared Services at a Glance 
  • Project managers
  • Business process consultants
  • Subject matter experts
  • CAD/PDM specialists
  • On-the-job trainers
  • Process and IT architects
  • System engineers
  • Data translators
  • Application developers
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