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NetApp Data Storage
NetApp Data Storage

The nuts and bolts of data management and security
Better hardware is the framework for better systems, processes, and products to be mounted on. Everything from engineering services to PLM to manufacturing to design to knowledge management all rely on hardware systems being functional, safe, agile, and simple to manage, while maintaining the highest levels of uptime. 

The data storage breakthrough
As a registered NetApp services provider, Tata Technologies is positioned to help our client’s break through the data storage juggernaut. Our experts analyze your business processes to determine where the data catches are. Then we partner with you and NetApp to implement the hardware and find better solutions that give you the capacity to manage and protect your data at the highest levels of efficiency and security.        
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NetApp PLM for Tata Technologies

NetApp at a Glance
  • Platform operating systems
  • Storage systems
  • Storage security systems
  • Management software
  • Protection software
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