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Vehicle Programs & Development

Contact Us using our contact email formThe Tata Technologies Vehicle Programs & Development (VPD) Group is a strategic realignment of our engineering leadership and global team of professionals, assembled to meet the complex needs of the automotive industry. By drawing upon our capacity at automotive hubs around the world, including Detroit in North America, Coventry, U.K., Stuttgart, Germany and Pune, India, our new VPD Group has the leaders, technology and capacity in places where today’s automotive ideas are born and take shape. Our portfolio of clients includes European-based premium automotive manufacturers, multiple segments of North American OEMs and Tier 1 automotive suppliers. As the automotive industry emerges from the global recession, demand for new, highly differentiated products is increasing, taxing limited product and manufacturing engineering resources. OEMs require experienced, proven engineering partners to meet these demands. With demand for innovation increasing, automotive companies need novel solutions to vehicle development challenges — a fresh view — to achieve success.

Global Knowledge
Beginning with your market requirements and emerging design trends, the VPD Group’s approach to vehicle development leverages Tata Technologies’ global delivery system to develop better and better automotive solutions. Read more >

Comprehensive Vehicle Development
Our vehicle development process, which encompasses all aspects of world-class automotive design and engineering, centers on driver and client requirements — and delivers comprehensive vehicle solutions at quicker time-to-market and lower development costs. Read more >

Global Experience
We are uniquely experienced to resolve your business challenges upfront, because the scope and reach of Tata Technologies’ onshore and offshore resources encompass the entire automotive product — based on each OEM’s business needs and market requirements. Read more >  

Innovation | Discipline | Success
As prime contractor on a complete vehicle program for Genovation, Inc., a builder of environmentally friendly automobiles, Tata Technologies executed styling and design details critical to a comprehensive business strategy. Read more >     

Global Capacity
The VPD Group draws upon Tata Technologies’ capacity on three continents, including India’s largest and most experienced automotive engineering staff, to meet the complex needs of the automotive industry. Read more >

VPD Group Core Leadership
Working within the global Tata organization is the VPD Group’s core team, which applies versatile international automotive engineering domain leadership experience with major OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to deliver automotive product solutions across international markets.
Electric MObility Vehicle Study
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Global Partnerships

Tata Technologies’ VPD Group can draw upon the resources of people and organizations across continents to maximize our value for you.

Our network of established partners includes the Tata Group and its extensive global reach. These affiliations represent powerful bonds and offer seamless support for automotive clients.

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