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Better and better ideas are the result of applied thinking, actual experience and an anything-is-possible attitude. The Tata Technologies team that harnesses these traits represents some of the best “thought leaders” in the engineering and design marketplace. Recognized by many of the world’s most admired companies and by industry peers, each Tata Technologies Thought Leader has the distinction of 20 years of exemplary experience. Furthermore, each individual is dedicated to helping others in their respective area of leadership.
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Kevin Fisher, Thought Leader
Engineering and Design
Mr. Fisher is a recognized leader in the field of international engineering where his 30 years of experience and eye for innovation have garnered numerous vehicle features patents in conjunction with clients. He has been awarded the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) award for innovative vehicle features, and his extensive experience, comprehensive approach and industry foresight have paved the way for innovative styling, engineering, and complete vehicle programs throughout the automotive industry.

Mr. Fisher’s expertise has infused critical engineering projects for years including large-scale initiatives for major automotive OEMs. His leadership was critical to the success of the styling of several high profile GM vehicles, full-vehicle engineering projects and major facelifts for truck and SUV programs.
Mr. Fisher’s driving ambition is to provide the same high level engineering quality and cost savings to clients around the world. His efforts are based on knowing that opportunities for engineering innovation via global delivery are boundless, and that with expert guidance, better engineering supports enormous competitive advantages for international manufacturers.

Mr. Fisher is constantly refining the global delivery process to derive better and better efficiencies and innovation for clients - setting the benchmark for the entire automotive engineering industry.
Mr. Fisher earned his High Technology (HTEC) degree in Mechanical and Production Engineering in the U.K. before taking a 1977 Automotive Apprenticeship at Pressed Steel Fisher. He has worked for noted companies including GM and numerous Magna companies, where he successfully managed many high-profile projects.
Ganesh Khedkar, Thought Leader
Digital Manufacturing
Mr. Khedkar has been at the forefront of the manufacturing industry since the beginning of his career in 1982. An unrelentingly critical thinker, Mr. Khedkar excels at discovering innovative ways to apply computer-aided manufacturing tools to a wide range of manufacturing processes. He and his team implement world-class digital manufacturing solutions to help clients optimize plant layout, throughput simulation, line automation, safety, and ergonomics.

Mr. Khedkar has worked closely with an impressive list of internationally admired clients, including Tata Motors, DaimlerChrysler, GM, Nissan Motors Japan, Airbus, Eicher Motors Limited, and IC Engineering.
Mr. Khedkar’s background includes application development and follows a natural progression into the digital manufacturing arena. Since 2000, Mr. Khedkar and his skilled team of engineers – the largest in India – have executed more than 100 digital manufacturing projects and over 3,000 robot simulations for clients around the world. He has presented case studies showcasing his manufacturing team’s accomplishments at the DELMIA user conferences in Japan and Detroit.

Recognizing just how critical it is in the current global environment to streamline manufacturing processes, Mr. Khedkar has high expectations for the rapidly expanding role that digital manufacturing plays in global manufacturing operations. He strongly believes that integrating digital manufacturing with manufacturing practices and environments is vital for businesses to reduce costs and shorten production time.
After earning an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and a master’s degree in Industrial Management, Mr. Khedkar brought his talents to the manufacturing shop floor at Tata Motors. He spent a dozen years optimizing the computer numerical code (CNC) machining systems there before shifting his focus to the CAD/CAM/CAE domain.
Lionel Grealou, Thought Leader
Business Transformation

Lionel Grealou, or “Lio” as he is better known, is a sharp creative thinker who helps Fortune 500 manufacturers and their supply chains innovate, improve business efficiency and realise full benefits from outsourcing. Lio’s excellent grasp of technical and business issues coupled with a sound understanding of project management principles mean that he has performed as a high value contributor on client initiatives – first by designing innovative business processes, crafting technical solutions and services, and then integrating advanced technologies into visionary roadmaps that improve client experience and revenue growth.

Bringing 15 years of process re-engineering, solution deployment and transformation experience from Japan, North America and Europe to his role as Tata Technologies’ Head of Business Transformation, Lio is best armed to address complex business requirements that require significant change and where ‘what worked in the past’ might no longer be relevant. He has been particularly active in leading cross-boundary PLM programs, delivering value in multi-cultural environments and managing cross-functional teams. He is a fast learner, and is able to make a difference by operating in 4 languages, from French to Japanese

Lio personifies Tata Technologies’ commitment to client satisfaction and high quality of deliverables, turning new ideas into practice with a passion for business excellence. Through his experience in a variety of client-facing roles, he has built a reputation in the consulting services industry as a ‘trusted advisor’, from solution to service architecting, simple to complex global customer engagements, transformation projects from Discovery through to Value Realisation. There is a tendency for consultants to try to ‘change the world’; Lio believes that “it is important to change the perspective from which we look at client problems or challenges rather than trying to reinvent the wheel. We are continuously developing and improving our tools and techniques to identify the most critical blockages in our client’s processes, and then find ways to introduce automation or implement lower cost alternative services.”

After earning an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering in France, Lio gained a Masters in Applied Science in Canada while working as a research engineer for Computer-Aided Simulation in the biomedical sector. Since then, he has published many academic and business papers, from various disciplines such as Finite Element Modelling, Benefits of Implementing PLM, Performance Improvement, or Outsourcing Strategy. Recently, he studied business management practices as part of an MBA program in the UK, and also is qualified as Tata Business Excellence Model (TBEM) assessor with performance grade "A" – Gold Standard, from the Business Excellence Leaders Program.
Shreekanth “Shree” Moorthy, Thought Leader
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and 
Digital Manufacturing
Shree Moorthy, currently the Vice President & LOB Head of Global PLM Delivery at Tata Technologies, is a software strategist, specializing in emerging technologies, defining enterprise software product direction, coordinating software development in multiple countries, and managing PLM projects implementation to customers globally. A specialist in offshore development and digital manufacturing, he has worked in manufacturing industries and consulted for the Big 3 auto OEMs in Detroit and has significant consulting experience with global customers in the Americas, Europe, India, Japan and South Korea over 19 years. 

Owing to his rich background, Shree is an authority in PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and evangelizes that it is a lot more than PDM (Product Data Management). PLM by definition is inclusive of Requirements Management, DPD (Digital Product Development), Digital Manufacturing, Plant Floor systems and MRO (Maintenance & Repair) while managing all associated data in a central PLM data backbone. Shree helps companies appreciate and leverage this distinction and helps transform engineering IT beyond just plain PDM. 

Digital manufacturing has always been Shree’s passion. At Siemens PLM, he brought 3D factory modeling, material flow analysis, and asset management software products to market. He also authored the SDX (simulation data exchange) protocol to integrate layout design with discrete event simulation. His passion and expertise lies in the areas of PLM, Digital Manufacturing, Digital Factory, production optimization, simulation, scheduling, material flow, and facilities planning. He has also authored several technical and research papers in the area of PLM and Digital Manufacturing.

Over the course of his career, Shree has had first-hand experience of and has benefitted from the transformation of the digital manufacturing industry.  Having been part of Engineering Animation from the very early days, and then moving to Siemens PLM Software via several mergers and acquisitions, he was uniquely positioned to witness the formation of 2 PLM software giants. From the mid-90s to the mid 2000s, multiple small and medium sized companies like Engineering Animation, Transom Technologies, Cimtechnologies, Delta Informatik, VSA, Deneb Robotics, Tecnomatix, UGS, SDRC, etc either acquired smaller firms or were acquired by others to finally be merged into either Dassault Systemes or Siemens PLM Software. His most recent role at Siemens PLM was Director of Digital Factory Products.

With degrees in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, Shree started his career in manufacturing and then went on to pursue a MS degree in Industrial Engineering at Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA. After graduation, he moved to Detroit, where he was heavily involved in vehicle launches for several years, after which he took a position with Engineering Animation to start working on the software side during the nascent stages of PLM software products.
Ashok Joshi
Head - Vehicle Performance Group & CAE

Ashok Joshi brings with him more than 32 years of engineering expertise. Currently, he heads Crash Safety, NVH, Aero Thermal and all CAE functions at the engineering research centre of a major Tata Technologies client.

He is a specialist in product design and validation; and has been Chief Engineer for the Tata Motors new generation UV platform and Tata Aria for six years. Currently leading a team of 225 engineers in the Vehicle Performance Group and CAE, he possesses experience in leading CAD/CAE groups, Advance Vehicle Engineering, Chassis Aggregates Design for light, medium, heavy trucks, buses and Utility Vehicles and Knowledge-Based Automotive Engineering development.

Mr. Joshi holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Walchand College of Engineering, India and started his career with Tata Motors Ltd (then TELCO) as a Graduate Engineer Trainee and later moved to Tata Technologies.
Peter Davis
Chief Designer - Vehicle Design
Peter possesses 30 years of experience in Europe and North America, leading award-winning interior and exterior automotive design, and innovative materials development. He has led development of transformational global strategic initiatives, including brand expression and perceptual quality.

Peter says, "Imagining innovative solutions 3 to 10 years into the future is the bare minimum requirement for working in automotive design. And the real challenge for design is to shape those solutions into a compelling product that can be manufactured, within a given price, and executed beyond expectations."

Peter's interests include fine arts; an area of study that he pursued at the University of Vermont, in the U.S. Peter holds a Bachelor's Degree in Product Design from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. He has mentored young designers by participating in judging of college automotive design competitions. Peter joined Tata Technologies in 2010.
Rajendra Petkar
Head - Engines (Commercial Vehicles)

With more than 22 years of experience, Rajendra currently heads the Engines Dept. for commercial vehicles at a strategic Tata Technologies’ client site. He is responsible for the strategy and execution of engines platforms for a leading global automotive OEM across a comprehensive range of commercial vehicles ranging from light-duty trucks of 1- ton weight to those of more than 49-tons; powered by engines ranging from 0.6 L to 15 L, with mix of diesel and CNG.

He is also a Director on the Board of Tata-Cummins Limited. Rajendra has successfully delivered on several engine programs for conventional as well as new generation engines, while adapting to continuously evolving emission standards and performance requirements in both automotive and non-automotive applications.

A post graduate from IIT, Mumbai, he holds several patents in his name. He actively contributes technical papers to various forums and mentors new graduates who want to join Tata Technologies. Rajendra believes that the engine domain brings together the challenges in almost all disciplines of engineering, comprising mechanical, electronics, manufacturing, material science, combustion engineering, and fluid mechanics.
Subhendu Ghosh
Vice-President of Global Delivery - Engineering & Design
Subhendu has been with Tata Technologies since its inception. He started his career with Tata Motors and has played a key role in establishing and growing the Engineering & Design Global Delivery Centres in Tata Technologies.

Subhendu has been in the automotive industry for more than 29 years, acquiring a rich blend of experience in both the product engineering and manufacturing domains. At Tata Technologies, he has supervised several projects in automotive, aerospace and heavy engineering NPI programs. His long-term goal is to deliver large engineering and design programs from offshore delivery centers. He is also a Director on the Board of Tata Technologies (Thailand) Limited.

Subhendu holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT, Kharagpur.
Abhay Tarnekar
General Manager – KBE & DPD Systems

Abhay is a digital product development and knowledge-based engineering evangelist. Initiating his career in Tata Motors, and later Tata Technologies, he has always been a digital product development systems specialist with hands-on experience in manufacturing companies.

With more than 22 years of experience in conceptualizing and applying technology to manufacturing  processes, he has been one of the key architects of the digital transformation for Tata Technologies clients. He has successfully managed programs involving new technology evaluation and introduction, engineering automation, productivity improvement systems, knowledge based engineering systems, product lifecycle management and digital manufacturing. Currently, Abhay leads an initiative named ‘3D for All’ for a key Tata Technologies’ client.

Abhay graduated in Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Technology (NIT), Raipur with a gold medal. He holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Computer Aided Design from IIT Kanpur.

Avijit Roy
General Manager -
Digital Product Development & PLM Solutions

Avijit possesses more than 25 years of experience in developing and deploying PLM, Knowledge-Based Engineering, and Digital Manufacturing solutions in large automotive and construction equipment OEMs. His rich experience in New Product Introduction processes (NPI) has helped OEMs in harnessing the power of digital technology in Product Design, Product Validation and Product Manufacturing to become "future-ready." The first production rollout of Teamcenter Enterprise PLM in India took place under the stewardship of Avijit. 

Avajit  holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kanpur and has authored several technical papers on PLM technology.

Dr. Biswadip Shome
Head - Aerospace Design & Validation
Dr. Shome is a key architect of Aerospace design and simulation services provided by Tata Technologies to major aerospace OEMs and suppliers. With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. Shome’s background includes gas turbine combustion system design and computational fluid dynamics simulation for combustors, aircraft fuel and air systems, construction equipment, and automotive applications.

Dr. Shome holds a Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (USA) and has more than 20 publications in international journals and conferences. Dr. Shome has been with Tata Technologies for seven years. Before joining Tata Technologies, he was with General Electric in the USA.
Ravi Janorkar
General Manager - PLM Solutions Group
Ravi possesses 27 years of experience in the automotive domain. He is currently responsible for complete realization of PLM solutions for a major global auto OEM. His role includes Project Planning, Solution Design, Development, Configuration, Installation and Support for PLM.

He has also managed the PLM implementations for tier 1 suppliers to the automotive industry. His experience areas also include software solutions for Manufacturing, Shop Floor Control for the automotive industry; thereby transforming the capability of clients to design and develop integrations and interfaces to other enterprise systems with PLM more effectively.
Dr. Shanmugam Rajarajan
Vice-President - Delivery (Tata HAL Technologies Limited) -
JV between Tata Technologies and HAL

Dr. Rajarajan possesses more than 23 years of aerospace experience gained through his professional stints at premier aerospace organizations. At Tata HAL, Dr. Raja holds lead responsibility for developing the customer base, building requisite aerospace engineering services competencies and customer project delivery.

Earlier in his career he worked for more than 15 years with the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). He has also worked for 5 years at GE. Prior to joining Tata HAL, Dr. Raja was working as Group Head, Engineering Design Services (EDS) at Wipro Technologies where he had responsibility to develop business and technology, build new centers, manage key operational parameters and large customers in the areas of auto, aero, heavy machinery, hi-tech and consumer durables with a team of more than 600 engineers.

Dr. Raja is a recipient of several management awards at GE and holds a U.S. patent. He holds an MTech from IIT, Chennai and a PhD touching the areas of aerostructures, FEA, composites and dynamics. He graduated with Honors in Mechanical Engineering from National Institute of Technology (NIT), Trichy. His hobbies include playing shuttle and chess.
Martin Durrant
Associate Vice-President - VPD (European Group)
European Automotive Engineering Practice Manager has more than 35 years of automotive Product Development experience. Martin’s background includes several European OEMs and major tier 1 suppliers. He has provided leadership of full body programs, established independent automotive design consultancies and developed Master Vendor models delivering a combination of managed engineering services and deliverables based projects. He currently leads a combined team of 40 engineers.More than 15 years ago, he established an independent automotive design consultancy in the UK that provided professional services to BMW Mini, Land Rover, Aston Martin, Lotus and tier 1 suppliers to these OEMs. Martin has a degree in Mechanical Engineering.
Brian D’Cruz
General Manager – Design

Brian heads the Tata Technologies CAE group responsible for sheet metal design and manufacture at a major Tata Technologies’ client site. With more than 30 years experience in production toolings, Brian has been a pioneer in the introduction of CAx methods in design and manufacture for Tata Technologies’ global clients. He also is involved in design for manufacture feasibility studies of pre-production vehicles. Such studies include advanced CAE studies for sheet metal formability while leading simultaneous engineering teams.

Brian has spoken at various forums on topics such as "Single Minute Exchange of Dies,"  "Innovation environments in CAD systems today" and "Moving to 3D Design - CADD Centre Engineering teams." A believer in taking simulation as a benchmark and then asking for perfection during actual production, Brian holds a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from COEP, Pune.
Martin Welch
Chief Engineer
Martin possesses 26 years of experience in automotive engineering. He is currently the Project Lead for Body Engineering on a major development program for a European OEM, responsible for Engineering Programme Management and Delivery, of all Body Systems. Martin leads a team of 150 engineers both at the client site and offshore. In this latest role, and others previously, Martin has been responsible for building a team from scratch. A significant part of that task involves taking on Engineers in the early stages of their careers, providing them with challenging tasks and subsequently mentoring them through the delivery of those tasks in a real delivery environment.

Martin’s accomplishments include engineering responsibility for the Aston Martin DB9 and V8 Body Engineering architecture, the BMW Mini Closures concepts, the Range Rover Closures at the BMW engineering center, FIZ, in Munich, Germany and Volvo Trucks North America Exterior cab panels. In a diversification from Automotive, Martin also project managed the engineering of the Olympic Torch for the 2012 Olympic Games.
From 2000-2005 Martin was instrumental in desning the engineering and commercials for the Aston Martin VH Platform, leading the team through the ” Gateway”. Based on this work, the company established two all new vehicle lines, built a brand new manufacturing facility and installed a completely new work force, and in doing so, transformed the business into robust proft, for the first time in its history. Martin holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Northumbria.
Ramesh Chandra
Vice-President of Global Delivery -
Manufacturing Enterprise Systems

Ramesh possesses more than 29 years of experience, including 9 years in various functional roles at a major automotive OEM. The role included production management, materials management and manufacturing planning. Ramesh played a lead role in re-architecting and re-development of systems in the open environment in Unix, C and Oracle. He led the project to deploy SAP at Jamshedpur, which is one of the oldest manufacturing plants in the Tata Motors group. Ramesh took an assignment at General Motors for five years in Japan heading their SAP programs for the National Sales Center.

Before taking on his current role, Ramesh was leading the Tata Technologies team at a major client location, where he was instrumental in development and maintenance of all business systems. This included creating complete SAP eco-systems support for major product development programs like the Tata Nano. With a complete understanding of the challenges faced by the automotive industry and end-to-end business processes, Ramesh is a firm believer in the disruptive power of IT to enhance business by enhancing business processes.

Ramesh holds a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and an MBA (Finance and Systems) from XLRI.
Manoj Jain
Head - Customer Relationship Management

Manoj possesses more than 30 years of experience in automotive sales, consultancy and CRM implementations for customers in India, US and a few other countries. Manoj is a specialist in CRM implementations with special expertise in the Automotive, Life Sciences and Consumer Goods Industries. He also specializes in the development and deployment of post-CRM implementation solutions for continuous benefits. Manoj has been instrumental in growing CRM as a new business growth area in Tata Technologies. He also drives the Tata Technologies-led CRM program – which is one of largest, most comprehensive automotive CRM programs across the globe – for a major global automotive OEM.

He holds a Bachelor’s in Electronics & Communication from Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru and a Masters in Computer Science from IIT Mumbai. He also holds a Diploma in Business Administration from Mumbai University. As a CRM and business systems evangelist he conducts MBA classes in Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management, (Mumbai) and at University of Mumbai. He has been a member of the Siebel expert panel on Automotive CRM and a speaker at Oracle Open World. He also speaks about CRM in Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) forums in Chennai, Pune and Delhi.
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