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"Solid Edge is capable, powerful, modern and in many areas, innovative (I mean that in the truest sense) - never more so than since the introduction of synchronous technology. It also has a set of tools surrounding it, from simulation through data management and into third party systems, that extend and specialise the system's capabilities. That's a winner in my book." Thanks to Sean Seneviratne (Regional Technical Manager - ASEAN) for sharing this story.
Click here to read why SOLID EDGE ST6 is a winner! Solid Edge ST (standing for synchronous technology) is now on its sixth major release. Al Dean looks at the highlights of this release and finds a system that's maturing and a development team that's revisiting existing tools to improve them.
(Right) Sean Slyman presenting “Simplifying PLM” at the Chicago Wisconsin User Group conference.
Held October 8 in Gurnee, IL
Attended by Tata employees: Sean Slyman, Kate Hogan, Ryan Herron, Jamie Howe, Randy Andracki, Monica Stokke and Brian Finkelstein.
2013 Solution Partner Conference,  Tata Technologies received four awards at the event:
  • Highest Achievement Platinum Level
  • Highest Achievement % of Target – Meso
  • Outstanding Sales Achievement NX
  • Outstanding Sales Achievement Teamcenter
Tata Technologies Siemens Partner
Pictured left to right – Nancy Cruz (Siemens – Mexico Channel Director), Alfredo Trevino (Siemens – Managing Director, Mexico), Natanahel Vazquez (Tata Technologies – PLM Sales Manager, Mexico), Robert Kurlfink (Tata Technologies - PLM Sales Manager, West), Sean Slyman (Tata Technologies – Siemens Product Manager), Kevin Piccola (Siemens Vice President – Americas Channel), Tom Short (Tata Technologies – PLM Sales Manager, MI) 

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