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Tata Technologies onshore engineering services allow companies to handle sudden surges in existing development demand, or provide guidance for developing new products. Integrating our talented engineers with your staff allows us to help you develop better products in tighter timeframes.

We undertake complete engineering and design projects within our own onshore facilities or deploys engineers to our client’s worksites to assist with product design and manufacturing. Engineers collaborate with the company’s personnel to incorporate a fresh set of skills and knowledge. 

Our approach is to understand your business processes and work within your framework and according to your requirements. Our global engagement model provides flexibility and features a variety of engagement models to help you best meet geographical and budgetary challenges – all the while retaining the processes and communication required to deliver the highest quality results.

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Engineering and Design at a Glance
  • Concept modeling
  • Translation and connectivity
  • Tool design and machining
  • KBE
  • Data validation
  • Factory simulation
  • Digital Manufacturing
  • Embedded and Electrical Systems
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