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Automotive Manufacturing
Digital Manufacturing
Manufacturing Automation and Control Systems
Manufacturing Execution System
Key Performance Indicator Measurement
Machine Controls & Data Acquisition
Human Machine Interface/Robotics
Process Improvements
Enterprise Resource Planning Integration

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Why do the top global manufacturing conglomerates choose Tata Technologies?

Contact us using our contact email formBecause only Tata Technologies brings together a better single team of experts that provide:

-  Groundbreaking digital manufacturing competency
-  An entire practice dedicated to embedded and electrical systems
-  A revolutionary, comprehensive manufacturing automation and control systems practice

Tata Technologies delivers a powerful combination of technology and comprehensive domain expertise, including key services and solutions geared specifically for industrial manufacturers. Only Tata Technologies offers a unified model that synchronizes real-time information across your organization so you can speed profitable product development; synchronize demand and supply; accommodate complex configurations quickly; and turn your manufacturing organization into a profit center.

Join the many manufacturers that rely on Tata Technologies for better insight and better manufacturing solutions.
Manufacturing Solutions for Automotive
The drive to be better and better leads to better and better driving
Manufacturing at a Glance
  • Digital Manufacturing
  • Embedded Electrical
  • Manufacturing Automation and Control Systems
  • Manufacturing Execution
  • KPI Measurement
  • Machine Controls and Data Acquisition
  • Robotics
  • Compliance
  • Process Improvements
  • ERP Integration
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