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Manufacturing Execution Systems We make it BETTER & BETTER 
It's all in how you execute

Contact us using our contact email formYou can have state-of-the-art technology and top-notch talent, but only by mastering the intricacies of better manufacturing execution will companies achieve the competitive advantages required in today’s market. The choice to compete on cost or innovation alone no longer exists. To really forge ahead, companies need to synchronize the execution of their discrete operations, attain higher visibility of overall operations, and retain larger control over critical processes in real time.

The Tata Technologies Manufacturing Automation and Control Systems (MACS) team really brings all of this together in the manufacturing execution practice. Our end-to-end Manufacturing Execution System (MES) customization and implementation services enable real-time production control; thorough data collection and reporting; and industry-leading manufacturing domain knowledge paired with advanced technology.

It's better manufacturing execution aimed at the heart of companies seeking better manufacturing performance.
Manufacturing Execution at a Glance    
  • Comprehensive study of machines, skill levels, technology
  • Benchmarking manufacturing process controls
  • Systems and requirements definition
  • Pilot production
  • Solutions deployment, customization, software and hardware configuration
  • System rollout to all plants and lines
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