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Key Performance Indicator Measurement

Contact us using our contact email formDashboards that are connected to real life parameters allow the critical visibility that determines business success. Getting key operational parameters onto a dashboard in real time give decision makers the information that drives better decisions.

Manufacturers have been relying on Tata Technologies for two decades to help them create dashboards that pre-identify key parameters that drive the informed decision making that underlies success. Some critical manufacturing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):
  • Equipment efficiency
  • On-time delivery
  • Work-in-progress (WIP) status
  • Throughput
Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Measurement at a Glance 
  • Visibility into and higher control into key operations irrespective of machine age
  • Better value realization and profitability due to new lease of life for depreciated machines
  • Increased machine up time
  • Higher machine reliability
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