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Machinery Manufacturing

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Better products through global teamwork

Tata Technologies advises and consults with the world’s most admired automakers, aerospace manufacturers, industrial and consumer goods manufacturers, and other industries to create better products. We realize that each industry has unique challenges and opportunities - which is why our professionals apply solutions that incorporate industry-specific best practices, technology, and knowledge. Our proven global delivery system provides a smooth and transparent outsourcing process for dramatic improvements in engineering, manufacturing, and business operations.

Aerospace Solutions
The sky’s the limit with better aerospace solutions
Automotive Solutions
Automotive advancements through global delivery
Heavy Machinery Solutions
Better products to satisfy growing demand
Heavy machinery service provider
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Aerospace Solutions

Autodesk Product Solutions

HelpDesk and i SUPPORT IT™

i CHECK IT® for Autodesk Inventor


i GET IT® 

Unequaled Siemens Expertise

Training Solutions

Teamcenter Solutions