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Contact an Engineering and Design representativeSometimes best is a temporary condition. Somebody is always there to knock you off the pedestal. Or the next best thing comes along to replace today's best thing. You can be best for a while, but not forever. That's why we don't aim to be best.
  • Our goal is to be better and better.
  • To keep setting the bar higher and higher.
  • To keep moving the goal further and further out.
  • To keep designing faster and better and more creatively.
  • To work harder and smarter.
  • To be better engineers. And even better engineers.
Tata Technologies engineering teams have been working with the world’s leading automotive and aerospace organizations for two decades. We leverage global resources to provide engineering services wherever our clients need us to be. And we provide that local interface that gives you the hands-on interaction that builds trust.

Tata Technologies  BETTER & BETTER™
Engineering and Design Solutions for Aerospace
Engineering and Design Solutions for Automotive
Engineering and Design Solutions for Heavy Machinery
Engineering and Design at a Glance
  • Concept modeling
  • Translation and connectivity
  • Tool design and machining
  • KBE
  • Data validation
  • Factory simulation
  • Digital Manufacturing
  • Embedded and Electrical Systems

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