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Enterprise Resource Planning Integration

Better manufacturing and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration
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Enterprise Resource Planning integration is a daunting challenge for manufacturers today as they aim for ways to improve profitability while at the same time bringing innovative products to market that will enhance people’s lives. Trying to get a transaction based system like ERP to integrate in real time with event-based shop floor control systems poses one of the chief obstacles to efficient production. Often ERP solutions are spread across a multitude of products that aren’t synchronized with other systems down the manufacturing line.

At Tata Technologies our goal is to really be that company that you rely on to get it right and to do it better. We strive to set the bar high, to think harder, work smarter, and find those solutions that will really make a difference for you and for the people that are going to benefit from the products that you manufacture. Our approach to ERP integration leverages a 15 year practice in ERP with over 20 years in the manufacturing domain.
Manufacturing ERP Integration at a Glance
  • SAP end-to-end implementation
  • Industry solutions Business process design and blueprint SAP upgrades and template rollouts
  • Master data planning and migration
  • NetWeaver stack deployment
  • Point solutions
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