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Automating Technical Communications with Cortona3D

Cortona3D software solutions are the market leader in the automated production of technical communications. The Rapid product family streamlines the authoring of technical documentation as aftermarket parts, service, support and training materials are produced from existing CAD in one third of the time at as little as 12.5% of cost.

The inclusion of interactive 3D content such as simulations of procedures and exploded views of parts in operations/maintenance manuals, spare parts lists, and eLearning applications improves the quality and the usability of these deliverables which in turn increases service revenues and workforce productivity whilst reducing errors.

"We selected TATA Technologies as a strategic partner because the company, with its deep experience in the manufacturing industry, is in a trusted position to provide support to our corporate clients... With TATA Technologies deep understanding of PLM they will be able to quickly deploy the Cortona3D tools to enable customers to drive down cost of production and enrich the end user experience... ”                                                                     Matthew Booth, VP Global Sales, Cortona3D

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Tata Technologies and Cortona3D
  • Powerful, Interactive, Technical Communications for Product Maintenance and Training
  • Helps Product Differentiation
  • Reduce Costs by reusing Content