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Better products benefit people – that is our business

Tata Technologies engineering teams have been working with Tier 1 automotive, aerospace and industrial and consumer goods companies across the globe for two decades to create better products that benefit people. We integrate complete product lifecycle solutions with engineering and design processes, industry-leading technology, and resources to create  better products.
Engineering and Design Solutions for Aerospace
Uniquely qualified to help aerospace manufacturers reach new heights in engineering and design 
Engineering and Design Solutions for Automotive
Helping global automotive companies turn the enormous challenges of today's marketplace into opportunities
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Engineering and Design at a Glance
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Success in Engineering

Pierce Manufacturing
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)    
  • Concept modeling
  • Translation and connectivity
  • Tool design and machining
  • KBE
  • Data validation
  • Factory simulation
  • Digital Manufacturing
  • Embedded and Electrical Systems