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Message from CEO and President

Patrick McGoldrick, Chief Executive Officer   Warren Harris, President and Chief Operating Officer
“ Whether we’re selling products or providing services, it’s our comprehensive understanding of every aspect of manufacturing that sets us apart. And that understanding has important implications for reducing cost, saving time and enhancing quality.”

Making life better and better for our clients – and their customers
With Tata Technologies you’re better able to create better products because you can rely on our wide scope of skills and experience as well as our reputation for organization and engineering. You can enjoy a better range of business options and be better placed to balance them to meet  your precise needs because of our worldwide resources and proven ability to allocate and manage them to your advantage. You can gain better flexibility – and better control of your costs and timing – by accessing our high-end manufacturing experience in North America, India and Europe as well as the skills, efficiencies and dynamism of our delivery centers in the Asia Pacific region.

You can access better knowledge and skills by working with our highly qualified and skilled specialists – and have better opportunities to conduct your business anywhere in the world by relying on our purpose-built global teams and worldwide delivery centers. You can make better product development IT choices because we actually use the applications we sell and have long-term partnerships with the leading software suppliers.

This makes it better for you to secure better engineering advice and assistance. All of which makes you better able to plan for your future and better able to reach your business goals.
  “Our ability to partner and our ability to team are very much part of the DNA and character of our company.”

Gaining maximum value
Some clients choose to rely on our engineering skills. Or our offshore facilities. Or our design capabilities. Or our knowledge of IT systems in support of product development and manufacturing processes. Or any of a number of our other skills and resources.

But those clients who receive the maximum value from our services are those who access our whole portfolio of skills, experience and resources. Because we not only have those at our fingertips, but we can  put them together in the most efficient and appropriate way – in any configuration or scale – to serve your needs precisely. It’s not just that the individual components we offer are better. It’s that we can put them together in combination better than anyone else. And that makes us not only outstanding – but unique.

Global engagement
Our global services give you greater flexibility and let you determine the extent of the engagement and the resources required. This flexibility means that you can meet your geographical and budgetary challenges while retaining control over the processes and communications you need to achieve the results you want.

A leader in engineering services outsourcing, Tata Technologies has over 4,000 highly skilled professionals. All have access to our global facilities and design centers, as well as a varied menu of onshore and offshore services. As a result, your engineering and design can take place around the clock. Whatever the time zones or cities your work is located in – Coventry, Bangalore, Bangkok, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Singapore or Stuttgart – we can manage the engineering and design collaboration between them all: 24 hours a day.